A Resort Hopping Holiday, A Trip Report: Our Rise of the Resistance and a Holiday Evening in Hollywood Studios

At 3:30pm, we arrived to check in with our Rise of Resistance Boarding Pass.

Now, some of the queue is outside and it was hot without much shade. The line does keep moving and we were inside, in the shade with 10-15 minutes. Not terrible. And just like Smugglers Run, the queue is totally themed…

About a half hour after getting on the queue, we were meeting with BB8, here were some of our highlights:

By 4:30pm- we were walking out of what we can only describe as the most amazing experience we have ever had on an attraction. The hype is absolutely justified and waking up early and all of the hassle was absolutely worth it. The lines between imagination and reality are blurred and you are totally immersed in the Star Wars Galaxy and the resistance against the Empire.

Mike and Katie decided they wanted to Tower of Terror and were even able to grab a last minute Fast Pass. Mikey and I were still on a high. We grabbed a special soda from Batuu and waited for them on while we watched Sunset Seasons Greetings. We enjoyed it during our last holiday trip and were happy to enjoy it again.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we decided to head back to Epcot. Unfortunately, we missed our seating for the Candlelight Processional, but we wanted to try out the new Cookie Stroll.

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