3D – Disney’s Dessert Discovery 2013 Review

One of Castle Dreams Travel’s agents, Megan Byrd, was kind enough to share this review on Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival’s 3D – Disney’s Dessert Discovery…

3D – Disney’s Dessert Discovery is the actual title of this event, but for my husband and I it was a long overdue Doubly Deserved Date-night! My husband and I took a break from our 4 year old twins by dropping them off at the Sandcastle Club (located a short 5 minute walk from Epcot at the Beach and Yacht Club) for the evening while we enjoyed our 3D experience – a deliciously decadent date-night, and our much awaited night on our own did not disappoint!

Arriving at the Epcot World Showcase about a half an hour before the event started, we were fairly close to the front of the pack awaiting entrance into the room. Never having been before personally, I did a little research online and one suggestion was to “run” to find your table first and then once that is secured start on the buffets. It was good advice, but not because it was a mob scene, but rather it gave you a common spot to meet back up with your party. Our strategy going into the room was to try one of everything, then go back for more. Well, the first station alone, I came back with 2 plates to get 1 one of everything on. We definitely found it difficult to keep that pace even sharing the 1 of everything and we had skipped dinner!

DisneyDay2 169DisneyDay2 170

There were numerous stations set up around the room with goodies ranging from fresh fruit and cheeses to super decadent Red Stag Flambeed Cinnamon Doughnuts with ice cream (my personal favorite of the sweets.) However, I actually have to say, I loved the charcuterie the best. As I hadn’t eaten dinner and only snacked a little around the rest of the Food and Wine Festival during the day, I was very hungry going in and so to find the savory options available was a huge hit for me – especially the fish – which is something I would not have typically tried, but loved.

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The most unique sweet had to be the “hot dog”  – made of mixed berry ice cream, served in a cake bun, with Raspberry “ketchup”, mango “yellow mustard” and green cherry “relish”. It was quite a cute and fun idea which I may steal for my children’s birthday party this year!

DisneyDay2 180 (1)

Oh, and how could I forget the beverages? Pinnacle Vodka, DeKuyper Schnapps, The Great Whiskey Debate, various wines, etc… all available for the drinking. My husband and I are not drinkers, but the few things we did sip, were delicious! It was fun to sample some of the new flavors being released of Pinnacle Vodka and DeKuyper schnapps.

We did not have the “Sweet Seats” for the event, as they were sold out when I ordered tickets. But the one dessert I didn’t get to try because it was only for those lucky enough to get Sweet Seat tickets, looked fabulous! Aside from their own dessert options, they were also given prime seating in front of the stage and a 15 minute early entry to the event. Don’t know if that justifies the additional $45 per person, but I will admit I was jealous that I didn’t get to taste their chocolate goodies!

And yes, I just mentioned a stage – all of this had a great band providing some themed entertainment. Songs like Sugar, Sugar and I Want Candy played the whole evening. When your mouth wasn’t full of tasty treats, you were sure to be singing along!

All in all, a great evening, and I will definitely being enjoying it again in the future!

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