A Berumdaful Cruise- Day 1, Tangled and Game Show Fun!

After dinner, Mikey and I went to visit Pluto. Mikey had a hat he wanted him to sign and he is always good for a silly pose or two.

Next we made our way to the theater to see Tangled (after picking up a few souvenirs from the shops), which has quickly become one our family’s favorites.

The kids headed out in one direction so Mike and I headed to Fathoms for the evening’s adults’ games shows-  Intuition and Match Your Mate. Matt, who was the “Master of Ceremonies” for all of the 18+ activities, kept us laughing all night long.

Once Match Your Mate was over, Mike and I stopped in Keys for a glass of wine and some music before heading back up to our stateroom for the night.

While Mike and I were relaxing in Keys- the kids all went to the Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream showing- a special 3D showing with projections and in theater effects that pulls you into the movie.  When the movie was over- they were treated to a very special meet and greet with Jack & Sally too! They had a TON of fun!

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