A Berumdaful Cruise- Day 2, A Halloween on the High Seas Day at Sea

Ahh, a sea day. Nothing better on a well deserved anticipated Disney cruise. Today we were celebrating Halloween on board and we were super excited as we haven’t ever done this before!

The girls were all up early and headed to Disney Trivia. Mike and I slept in a bit until Mikey came back and asked to go to breakfast with us- we decided to carbo load at Cabanas.

We had such a beautiful breakfast view! Overnight the seas were quite rough, as a passing storm was kicking up the seas (just high winds, no rain). We were all unphased, thank goodness, as the rocking helped to lull us all to sleep.

After breakfast, we strolled a bit – looking for the perfect spot for the day.

FOUND IT! Deck 10, close to Quiet Cove and easy for the kids to reach us all day if they needed us.

That said, Mikey quickly ditched Mike and I to go hang out with the girls- so we went down to Signals for some Bahama Mamas.

After we finished our drinks, Mike and I decided to check out the newly refurbished Senses Spa’s Rainforest Room. We decided to buy a daily pass for the rest of our cruise as it was just delightful- something we just didn’t have much time at all to indulge in during our cruise earlier in the summer.

Our friends (Tricia, Arnie, Jen, and Melissa) joined us as well – bringing festive treats from Cove Cafe!

Which then called for some “Spooky Juice” aka, the drink of the day!

The kids spent the day exploring and hanging out by the pools a bit before heading back to our rooms early to get ready for Mickey’s Mouse-Querade Party which would be at 2:30pm and 4:30pm today. They even managed to take a few pictures!

The adults made our way to a private party inside Keys from 4:30pm-5:30pm and would meet back up with the kids at dinner. It was such a beautiful day….

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