A Berumdaful Cruise- Day 5, Day at Sea

Ah, another Disney Cruise Line started at Cabanas. Today, I was actually joined by all 3 of my children as they wanted a later breakfast as well before they headed to Movie-Quotes Trivia.

Yes, I had eggs again- his time is was an omelette and wasn’t bad at all.

After the kids headed to Trivia I made my way to the Quiet Cove for half off Mimosas – which are actually made poolside for guests- so, super fresh and a great deal! Don’t like Mimosas? They also offer Peach Bellinis and Bloody Marys at half off and mixed poolside as well.

No plans again today for the adults, just to relax as this was not only our last sea day, but our last actual cruise day.

After the kids finished up at Trivia, the girls headed to the princess Gathering (a free, pre-ticketed event we secured before boarding) while Mike and Mikey strolled the decks.

Meanwhile, back in the Quiet Cove… we grabbed some lunch.

And a Miami Vice…

By 2pm, we took a quick break from the sun to try our luck at TV Tunes Trivia inside OGill’s- not so lucky this afternoon (we didn’t win).

The kids headed to Disney Trivia in the Promenade Lounge with their favorite Cast Member, Michael-

After trivia, the kids headed to the family pool and enjoyed watching the ending of Moana on Funnel Vision. The adults headed back up to Quiet Cove for some more relaxing poolside and to try a Captain’s Mai Tai, the drink of the day today.

Before long, it was time to get ready for our last dinner on board inside Lumiere’s. Always a bittersweet dinner, tonight’s menu was “‘Til We Meet Again”

I started with the tomato Caprese Salad:

Then I had the Lobster Bisque, against our server’s warning. I love lobster and was really in the mood for it, once I saw it… it looked “off” but I still finished it.

For me entree, I had the Beef Wellington- which I really enjoyed.

By the time dessert orders were being taken, I just didn’t feel “right”. So, I skipped dessert.

The kids wanted to take a picture with our server, Ralex, who entertained and took care of us on both our our Disney Magic cruises this year

Then the kids ran off to grab seat for tonight’s show, “Dreams” and enjoyed “Til We Meet Again later that night.

One more group picture with their favorite Cast Member, Michael, before Farewell Karaoke-

Mike and Mikey then headed to see Christopher Robin inside the Buena Vista Theater while the girls stayed for Karaoke. I attempted head out- but that Lobster Bisque must not have sat too well in my stomach and I needed to spend the rest of the night cuddled up with some pillows in bed with on-demand movies.

Today’s Navigator:

Bermuda Navigator Day 5 – Monday Oct 8


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