A Disney Suite Life Trip Report, part 4

 The time came and the Cast Member took down the barrier and we were off to find 8546!

We opened the door…. Beautiful!

January 2014 256January 2014 257January 2014 258January 2014 259January 2014 260January 2014 261

January 2014 263January 2014 264January 2014 265magsuite3magsuite4magsuite8magsuite7magsuite5magsuite6The suite sleeps 5, 2 in the livingroom on the pull out couch and 3 in the bedroom with a murphy bed in addition to the queen size bed. There are 2 large flat screen televisions in the suite as well. There are 2 bathrooms with a jacuzzi tub and walk in closets. The balcony is as wide as the room, that has seating for 4. In total, the room is 614 square feet.

The room was decorated for my birthday and there were gifts waiting from friends and Mike which included champagne, chocolates, a robe, our wine package for our cruise paid for, fruit from concierge, and our Castaway Club gift (as soon as you take a second cruise with Disney Cruise Line, you receive gifts in your stateroom every time you cruise! On this trip, it the gift included a new beach bag, snacks, and a magnetic wipe off board you can attach to your stateroom door to leave messages for friends and family).

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Every cruise, this being our family’s 5th, we tell the kids to wear their bathing suits so they can go swimming as soon as we board. This cruise, no one wanted to- basically because we didn’t have time to on our previous cruises- we were busy having lunch, exploring the ship, etc and never seem to get to our room when they open up. Today, we did and had the time because we boarded so quickly and we able to eat lunch as soon as we could- but we did enjoy ourselves checking out the suite. Mike and I popped open our champagne and sat on our balcony enjoying the warm sun that we miss living in NY in the winter. The kids fluttered about the room, coming out the balcony as well- anxiously awaiting our bags to arrive hoping they would have time to check out the new water areas.


The bags arrived after 3pm, no time to change and swim. The safety drill was going to start soon and we needed to be there for that.

After the safety drill, we went to the Sail Away Party- which is the BEST way to start of your Disney Cruise Line cruise.

Sail Away on Disney Cruise Line’s Magic

We met our friends on deck and the boys had a blast! Once the party was over the girls and I went to find another family we had cruised with in August, so they girls could head off with their daughter to the tween-early teen club, Edge. Everyone had a Wave Phone (DCL provides each stateroom with 2 wave phones, suites have 4, to communicate with your friends and family onboard as well as cruise staff if need be). We asked all of the girls to meet us at our staterooms at 7:30pm unless we chatted before then. Her parents and I chatted for a bit and then I went to meet Mike and Mikey who were anxious to see the new Oceaneers’ Club and Lab onboard with Mikey’s friend, Andrew, and his parents.

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They boys wanted to stay and play a bit without their parents, so the 4 of us headed to O’Gills (Which was formally Diversions before the Re-Imagination, this can found in the adults’ only “After Hours” section of the ship) for a few drinks, appetizers, and some trivia.


At 7:30 we went to go get the girls, then Mikey, then meet Pluto…

January 2014 273January 2014 279January 2014 276January 2014 281


A big difference we saw when meeting characters on the Disney Magic vs. on the Disney Fantasy was the wait times- which is to be expected. A smaller ship- smaller wait times. On the Fantasy we actually waited over 30-40 minutes to meet some of the characters, whereas on the Magic it was, at most, half of that wait time. Pluto can even spend time interacting with the kids too – so it isn’t a take the picture and move on type of experience either.

We were having our first dinner tonight in Lumiere’s. Dinner was fantastic! We met our servers- who had to live up to some pretty sigh standards. On our 2 previous Disney Magic cruises our serving team had been superb. On the Disney Fantasy, we didn’t get that same close attention like we were used to on the smaller ships, so we were hoping we would have a great team. Hart and Tomasina did not disappoint. They chatted with us right away about our day, where we were from, etc. and really made us feel at home.

What did we have for dinner? Check it out…

photo 1 (4)photo 2 (5)photo 3 (4)photo 5 (2)photo 4 (2)What would you have?

photo 1 (5)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (5)photo 4 (3)photo 5 (3)

After dinner, we were exhausted. The second dinner seating ends close to 10pm- and we were wiped. We strolled around the ship a bit and then headed to bed.

Magsuite1 Magsuite2

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