A Disney Suite Life Trip Report, part 6


We woke up pretty early to start the day we had all been looking forward to- and not just because it was my birthday. 😉 It was Castaway Cay Day! Today we decided to splurge and together with Mikey’s friend’s family, we were going to spend the day in cabana #9 on the family beach.

We had ordered breakfast to be delivered to the room the night before- pastries, muffins, bagels, etc. We didn’t quite order enough, so I was elected to take a quick run up to Cabanas for two plates filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and (of course) Mickey waffles! Who doesn’t want Mickey waffles on their birthday, right?

After we were completely full, we were ready to head off the ship- around 9:30am. We were one of the first to disembark and the weather was a tad overcast. With our cabana wrist bands secured tightly on to our wrists we headed towards the cabanas.

Along the way we passed the post office where we saw Olaf from Frozen! So, of course, we stopped for pictures…

January 2014 418

As we walked a bit further, we chose to skip the tram and enjoy the view. Besides, Minnie was out for pictures and we couldn’t resist a family shot!


Included with our cabana rental is use of snorkel gear for the day and bicycle rentals. We stopped to pick up gear for everyone and then kept walking. Just past Cookies Too BBQ were the gates to the cabana section.

January 2014 430


We were promptly greeted by Angeline, who was also one of the concierge cast members onboard. She walked us to cabana 9 and showed us around….

January 2014 432 January 2014 440


cabana14cabana13cabana12cabana11cabana10cabana9cabana8cabana7cabana6cabana5cabana4cabana3Cabana2January 2014 439Mike and the girls headed off on bikes to explore for a bit and Mikey and I decided to play a bit in the sand and wait for Andrew and his parents. Not far from our cabana, Mikey and I strolled and noticed a few new cabanas being built too.

January 2014 446

January 2014 447January 2014 448January 2014 449 Once we got back Andrew’s family was there and they were off to play in the sand and water. Mike and the girls got back and it was now time to relax and settle in to our beach chairs for the day.

January 2014 487

We only left to have lunch at Cookies Too BBQ and do some shopping.


In fact Angeline had to come and tell us that it was time to head back to the ship as we were that last passengers left on the island! We had such a magical day none of us wanted it to end!

January 2014 488


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