A Fairytale On The Fantasy; A Trip Report- Castaway Cay and Our Last Night Onboard

Right on schedule, our breakfast arrived at 8:40am- no breakfast crowds, right to our stateroom.

The view was stunning- it was the perfect day to visit Castaway Cay!

Something different for us- Mike and the girls ran the Castaway Cay 5K. When we did it previously, we were off the ship very early- this time we were not and were lined up with everyone else t disembark- which actually didn’t happen until just before 10am. Their start time was closer to 10:30am, which gave us time to take a few pictures once we got off the ship.

Mike and the girls sped off to the starting line and Mikey and I were tasked with finding the perfect spot on the beach to spend our day. Well, we got distracted…

It wasn’t long until we were able to find a few loungers with an umbrellas fir us to use for the day, right in front of the ocean.

No too long after that did Mike and the girls find us once they were done.

Once we all cooled off in the water for a bit, we headed over for lunch at Cookies BBQ around 1pm. We had pre- ordered Mikey’s lunch the night before via Adi in the Main Dining Room to avoid cross contamination for his allergies. When you do that- kids get French fries, which Mikey LOVES.

After lunch we basically spent the next 2 hours in the water, until we decided to go shopping and head back to the ship. The walk is always gorgeous…

Once back onboard, we showered and decided we wanted something sweet.

So, we headed to the new Sweet on You Ice Cream Shop…

We strolled a bit with our ice cream before we headed to the Magic Workshop in The Tube at 7:30pm. We have really enjoyed this part of our day, which was a surprise to us because when we had Main Dining on our previous cruises- we might not have been finished with dinner by the time these activities started, so we never paid attention to what was offered then. Heather and Adi had asked us to  arrive to dinner a few minutes early, if we could- tonight is Animation Night in Animator’s Palate and we needed time to draw!

We all started dinner tonight with the Tomato Caprese. This dish is served with buffalo mozzarella, Italian Roma tomatoes, pickled basil, and drizzled with virgin olive oil. We all love tomato caprese and will almost always order it when we see it:

Jacqueline got the Chicken Schnitzel, which is a breaded chicken breast, fried in butter, served with roasted bacon potatoes, and buttered green beans:

While the rest of us got the Beef Wellington:

We were so full, but found some room for the Celebration Cake:

We took our last after dinner stroll around the ship again tonight and were THRILLED to see enchanted paying on Funnel Vision- it’s our tradition <3

We always have a tendency to stay up a little later on our last night on board, just trying to savor that last night of vacation….

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2 Responses to A Fairytale On The Fantasy; A Trip Report- Castaway Cay and Our Last Night Onboard

  1. The ice cream shop looks great!! Jason said his favorite ship is the Dream because of Vanellope’s, lol. The Fantasy is the one we haven’t been on yet.

    • Thanks Becky! We actually have tried both now and preferred this one on the Fantasy. It seemed bigger and not as crowded- we attribute to more days for people to visit on a weeklong cruise vs trying to cram everything on on a 3 or 4 night cruise in the Dream.

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