A Last Minute Summer Sojourn in WDW, A Trip Report- Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We arrived at Star Wars Launch Bay at 7:40pm and checked in. To our surprise, they let us right in, the party wasn’t scheduled to start for another 5 minutes… or so I thought.



Once we got in, it was pretty crowded. It was also apparent that Star Wars Launch Bay wasn’t closed to guests not attending the party. So if you wanted to meet BB8 or Chewbacca, you had to wait on line, which granted wasn’t long- but wasn’t what I was expecting. That said, if you didn’t have a lanyard, you were not served any of the party’s offerings, obviously.

The tables are all bar height (except those reserved for handicapped guests), and did not have chairs. We grabbed a table nearby a bench and took turns getting our food and drinks.



IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831


Two Stormtroopers were patrolling the area, they didn’t pose for pictures with the kids, which isn’t unlike what happens inside the park either. But, Mikey was really hoping to at least get closer to one than we were able to.
IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1836

We did meet BB8 though, who was adorable!


After indulging in a few more drinks and desserts, we were instructed to follow a Cast Member to our spot outside, and yes- we could bring along a drink or a treat. We were able to catch the tail end of  “Disney Movie Magic”. This is an all-new nighttime experience with  footage from live-action comedies, adventures, musicals, and animation  that projects onto the Chinese Theater for about 10 minutes.


After a few more minutes, the music started… I have to say… it’s just incredible. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, and this just does NOT disappoint!

IMG_1849 IMG_1860 IMG_1861 IMG_1863

After the show, we lingered a bit in the shops, chatting with quite a few Cast Members. They are all so friendly and fascinating- I always encourage the kids to strike a conversation if we have time and the cast member isn’t swamped with responsibilities. Tonight we chatted with Lindsay, a cast member in the Disney College Program, about the program and how she likes it, where she lives, and the classes she is taking. It sounds like a fabulous program!

Before we knew it the park was way past closed- so we headed out… after taking a few more pictures 😉


IMG_1868 IMG_1871



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  1. I did this about a year ago when the whole thing was outside. I guess having it in the Launch Bay is a cool atmosphere, but it just seem like it would feel a little odd with other guests around.

    • Yes, that struck me as odd too and for whatever reason, I just wasn’t expecting it. Outside would have permitted a full viewing of “Disney Movie Magic”, which I would have loved to have seen more of.

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