A Little Enhanted Tiki Room Trivia

Over the years the Enhanted Tiki Room has been a popular attraction.  In celebration of its 50th Birthday we thought  a little trivia might be fun.

Did you there are eight tiki gods, based on legends of the South Pacific, that are portrayed in the attraction.  Before reading on, see if you can name all eight.

Copyright Disney.

Copyright Disney.

Pele – Hawaiian fire goddess.

Tangaroa – Maori and Polynesian god of sea of sky, depending upon which culture is involved.

Maui – the Polynesian trickster god who slowed down time.

Rongo – Polynesian god of agriculture

Ngendei – from Fiji, the creator and head of all gods; every time he moves there is an earthquake

Hina Kaluua – Hawaiian mistress of rain

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into the attraction there are singing “cast members” everywhere?  But who would have believed that there are 225 animated singing birds, flowers and Tikis.

Also, looking back, when the Enchanted Tiki Room premiered in 1963, not even an E-ticket could get you in. The attraction had its own special tickets, priced at 75 cents apiece. It was definitely a unique attraction back then.  Just as it is today.


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