A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 2- Breakfast and La Sagrada Familia

Our first true full day in Barcelona started around 8am, Barcelona time- which would be about 2 am Eastern time (aka Home). We were washed and ready for our day an hour later and decided to head down to the Concierge Lounge for breakfast.

The Lounge had a massive spread for breakfast, that tasted as good as it looked:

We decided to eat outside to enjoy the beautiful views and the amazing weather:

Our table…

Inside, the lounge is quite spacious-

After breakfast we headed back up to our suite to freshen up before heading out for the day. Mike downloaded the MyTaxi App in hopes it would help us move around the city with ease, especially with 5 of us we needed a cab that wold fit us all and most did not. Once we were down in the lobby, Mike placed the order for our cab and it arrived within 5 minutes.

We headed into the city to visit La Sagrada Familia. Prior to our arrival, we had pre-purchsed our entrance tickets online that inlcuded an audio guide as well as an elevator ride up one of the towers of the Basillica. For the 5 of us, this cost abut $170 as we did purchase Mikey an audioguide as well, if we hadn’t his admission would have been free and we would have saved $34 – but he would not have been able to ride up one of the towers with us either. Our reservations were for 1:15pm to enter and 1:30 to ride up one of the towers.

We arrived at 12:30 and we completey stunned…

We were dropped off at the Nativity side- which is filled with details. We started our trip tradition of family selfies and then walked around this massive buildng’s exterior.

Then it was time to enter and start our tour… we just couldn’t help but take pictures to keep every detail documented.

Now it was time to take the elevator up one of the towers- and the view was incredible at the top- but it was a tricky way down the spiral staircase!

Once back on the ground level, we continued our audio tour- which was fascinating for all of us.

At the end of our Audiotour, we exited from the Passion Fascade- a very different look than the Nativity Fascade!

Here you see dipicted the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even with a Risen Jesus Christ sitting atop of one of the peaks…


The Basillica blew us all away. It’s been underconstruction for over 100 years, with completion set for 2026. Since we have been home- they have even been able to add to the Passion Fascade:

If you only have 1 day in Barcelona- spend some of it inside this magnificent Basillica. It will absolutely take your breath away.

After we spent some time exploring nearby, Mike ordered another taxi as we were headed for a late lunch/early dinner and we waited, and waited….

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