A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 2- Hard Rock Barcelona, Pool, and Beach

Well, we waited through 2 taxis to cancel our order, so Mike decided to use Google Maps and we took a long, hot walk to our late lunch/early dinner reservation at The Hard Rock Barcelona. Maybe a 45 minute walk or so…

On our walk, we saw yellow ribbons dotting the widows of almost every buidling along our route. These ribbons are being displayed in support of former members of the government of the Spanish Autonomous community of Barcelona, who have been charged and in some cases imprisoned by the Spanish Government for their role in organizing an referendum about independence from Spain and subsequently making a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain.

We were truly grateful to finally arrive at The Hard Rock, as by now we were truly hungry and even moreso thristy. The bulding is quite unobstrusive- melding into the landscape of the city- in fact, we walked right past it at first. However, once inside, it was quite remarkable.

The food was, as always, delicious. This is part of the reason we try to find one when we vacation- another is the familiarity of it. Silly to most, but not to us. 😉

Heading back to our hotel, Mike tried the MyTaxi app again- but it was quicker for us to hail a cab for the 5 of us than wait (so we got to cancel this time). It was tapas time again in the concierge lounge-

We opted for sodas and decided to freshen up a bit and head to the hotel’s pool- which is AMAZING!

Before heading back up to our room, we decided to take a quick walk to the beach- which was maybe a block or two away. Entrance was free, and it was still quite crowded at 8pm!

Once back in our suite, we changed and decided to head across the street. We could faintly hear the open air concert and wanted to check it out.


They were also making “rom cremat”, which literally means “burnt rum”, but is more commonly simply referred to as a “cremat”. It was interesting to watch- but neither Mike nor I were brave enough to try it.

What we did do was buy some Spanish wine (remember, Disney Cruise Line allows every adult 21+ to bring 2 bottles of wine onboard in their carry on luggage) and some gelato.

The gelato was finished well before we were back in our suite, watching the sun finally begin to set at nearly 9:30pm, so we opened one of our bottles of wine as we watched the sunset and prepare for our departure from Barcelona in the morning…

(Total step count today? 12,322)

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