A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 3- Dinner inside Rapunzel’s Royal Table

Earlier, we take a sneak peak inside Rapunzel’s…. it’s just gorgeous and such an improvement over Cariocas!

Tonight, we are celebrating Rapunzel’s birthday with lots of entertainment, a special menu, and even a royal visit!

We started dinner with some bread and dipping sauce-

Mikey played it safe with Mac and Cheese for dinner-

Mike ordered the Ahi Tuna Tartar for an appetizer

and Katie, our younger daughter, ordered the Crisp Isle of Corona Shrimp to start her dinner.

We all decided to try the steak, and none of us were disappointed!

We also all decided on a red velvet cupcake for dessert!

After dinner, we visited with a few friends in the lobby…

We got back to our staterooms and it was just about sunset…

I decided I should probably start Laundry (the improved DCL app really helps you keep track), while Mike headed to a whisky tasting in Cove Cafe, the girls went to explore the ship, and Mikey decided he was ready to relax in bed… with a few Mickey bars from room service!



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  1. This restaurant was so gorgeous, and I loved my pasta dish I had there. All of the desserts we had were amazing too. I’m actually planning to put my review up on my blog of this one soon!

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