A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 5- Breakfast in Lumiere’s and Naples

We were up and out of our room just before 7:30am for breakfast inside Lumiere’s. Truth be told, we did linger a bit on our balconies before leaving as the view was incredible!

Our dining team gave us the heads up that on a morning that we really needed to get off the ship early, breakfast at Lumiere’s might be our best option. We were seated as they opened the doors, let them know we needed to be off the ship within the half hour- and we were assured it would’t be a problem. No buffet line, closer to where we needed to disembark, no looking for a table- it was a wonderful way to start the day!

We kept it simple, and our breakfast was quick and delicious!

We were in right at 7:30am and out before 8am- pretty great!

Today we had booked a private driver to take us around Naples- in particular the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Pompeii. Disney Cruse Line didn’t offer what we were looking for and Ciro was referred highly to us- so we booked him for the day. This is how Ciro set our schedule after fining out what exactly we wanted to see:

Start at 8am or soon as possible- we meet at the dock, just outside the ship.

We would take a drive up the Amalfi Coast, with a stop in Positano for pictures.

By 10am we should arrive in Sorrento with 2 hours of free time to explore the city.

After that, Ciro would take us somewhere local for a traditional pizza lunch.

We would arrive in Pompeii, after lunch, around 2:00pm and we would have 2 hours to explore.

We would return to the ship by 4:30pm.

Busy day- but we were all so excited!

Just stepping off the ship- you realize how massive she is…

We met Ciro just past security- easy to recognize thanks to Facebook.

We hopped in his van and Ciro asked to make a quick stop- he came back bearing very yummy gifts we all really enjoyed!

Ciro played lots of Sinatra, Dean Martin… it was great- set the setting amazingly for us for whatever reason. We even sang along for a little bit!

Our first stop along the Amalfi Coast was just stunning…

Just when we thought it just couldn’t get more stunning… until we got to the balcony at Postiano…

Now, not gonna lie. The drive down the coast… was really rough for me. It was at this point, I was relieved I was not in a tour bus and could kindly ask Ciro to stop when it was safe.

Next stop was Sorrento. So excited to get out and walk around and explore a bit! Ciro directed us to the coastline- where we could find amazing gelato, where the good shopping was, and then where we would meet in 2 hours. I am telling you- stepping out of the van was like stepping into a postcard…

We did quite a bit of shopping here- all in one store where they treated us like family. Candies for the kids, making sure everything fit, etc.

After shopping, we came across the Cattedrale di Sorrento. The Cathedral dates back to the 10th century and is dedicated to the Saints Phillip and James and it is said to be built on the ruins of an ancient Temple dedicated to Jupiter. The main façade of the Church was reconstructed in 1924.

We exited the Church and started walking towards our meeting place…

We met Ciro, and before getting into the van- he took us to see the The Mills Vallum- incredible!

Next stop was LUNCH! We were excited to try some traditional pizza in the place it originated. Ciro took us to a neighborhood stop, away from the hustle and bustle, Gika.

We really enjoyed our pizza- we had also ordered calamari, which came more as a fried seafood platter (there is calamari underneath everything in the picture), which we barely touched as the pizza was so super filling aswell as delicious!

Next on to Pompeii. Now, we did not pre-purchase our tickets- and we should have. We also should have grabbed some water bottles after Ciro dropped us off because it was really hot. That said, we wandered around for nearly 2 solid hours…

After our time wandering, we left the park – headed straight for some water bottles- then easily met Ciro who took us inside air conditioning for a free Limoncello tasting. It was a great way to cool off because we were super overheated and even swollen.

Ciro got us back to the ship, right at 4:30pm- plenty of time for us to shower before our dinner seating at 6pm.

We truly had an amazing day… and the Disney Difference? Getting back to this!

Upon reflection, and not to spoil anything… but this was our favorite port day. Ciro made it super easy and fun to get from place to place. Everywhere we went was more impressive than the next. I cannot recommend higher hiring Ciro for your day in Naples. Everyplace was quiet and clean and the people we met were all super friendly. God willing, we will return back to Naples and will spend a few nights vs a few hours.

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