A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 5- The Snuggly Duckling and Tangled: The Musical

After dinner, the girls went to take pictures (we always pre-purchase the photo CD and always come home with a crazy amount of posed pictures- totally worth it for us) and Mike went to meet some friends from his Whisky tasting. So, Mikey and I headed to the Snuggly Duckling!

The Snuggly Duckling takes over O’Gills Pub aboard Disney Magic on the same night “Tangled: The Musical” is performed that evening in the theater. Families are invited to come and relax to play games, enjoy themed snacks and drinks, sing some songs- it is a lot of fun!

We found hints of the takeover as we made our way over…

Once inside, it was really adorable!

And we still had the most amazing view of the Italian coastline as we cruised on by….

Did I mention the food? We had just come from dinner, but it was fun, pub food you would likely find here on any given night as well.

There was also a special drink menu as well:

Mikey and I sat right down inside an available booth to start playing Thugo – think Bingo, just themed:

After a few songs, our time was done. It was much faster than I had planned- less than an hour, but this gave us plenty of time to meet up with everyone in time the show tonight.

Afterwords, Mikey posed with Tissa before heading out:

After catching up with the rest of the family nearby the shops (gotta love the DCL app that lets everyone stay in touch!), we headed into the theater for the show- which was incredible!

Now we needed to head to bed- we had a 12 hour day scheduled in Rome tomorrow with a very early wake up call scheduled…


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