A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 6- Disney Cruise Line’s Pisa and Arno River Excursion

We arrived to Fathoms early enough to catch a little bit of Mulan before heading to our coach bus to start the day.

Once we were seated on the bus- we were given our headsets to hear our tour guide and a map/brochure pointing out everything and everywhere we were headed today. Our attractions were flipped than what we had read in it’s description online and we were starting in Pisa and ending on the cruise down the Arno River.

We were expecting the bus ride to take about a half hour, but we passed 2 car accidents- so it was closer to 45 minutes. Not terrible.

Along the way to the Square of Miracles, we saw a number of remaining pieces of the Medieval walls that stood protecting the city of Pisa.

We excited the bus and took a very short walk to The Piazza dei Miracoli… we turned our head and were stunned. We were given some free time to explore, take pictures, and have some lunch.

The Pisa tower is one of the three buildings that make up the cathedral complex in Pisa.

The Pisa Baptistery of St. John is a Roman Catholic Church:


Pisa Cathedral is a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary:

The Leaning Tower actually begun to lean (or more factually, sink) in 1178 because of a poorly laid foundation and loose subsoil, but became more noticeable when construction continued on the tower a century later.

After we explored and took a few pictures we decided on out last day in Italy we needed more pizza and gelato. We settled in at a table inside Pisa’s Il Turista- which also gave a discount to cruise visitors and was also the place our tour guide asked us to meet when our time was up. Everything was delicious. We actually ordered more pizza it was so good!

Next we hopped on a trolley train bringing us to the Arno River for a cruise to end our tour.

The Arno River is the most important river of central Italy after the Tiber River- which we saw and crossed over in Rome the day before.

Many of the homes along the Arno have fishing nets set outside to catch their lunches and dinner- catfish and carp seem to dominate this river.

It was an absolutely beautiful way to end our stay in Italy!

Back on the bus, we drove past fields and fields of sunflowers- just magical!

Back on at the port, after less than an hour on the bus, and we were ready to head back to freshen up for dinner. Tonight was a double celebration- Pirate Night AND Independence Day for the USA!

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