A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 6- World of Flavour

We decided to head down to Rapunzel’s at 8:30pm, by now we were all ready and really hungry.

To our surprise, it was nearly empty. Our head server, Cedomir, was able to seat us in a different section, with different servers, but we were able to enjoy dinner and Ralex and Melissa stopped by as well to see how we enjoyed our day.

Mikey decided he would order off the adult menu tonight since we were all looking forward to it so much, Mikey filled up on the pretzel sticks (we actually even needed a few refills they were that good!), so he skipped the appetizer-

Mike, Jacqueline, and I started with the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup:

Katie had a Vietnamese Spring roll:

For dinner, all 5 of us ordered the Prime Rib:

For desert, Jacqueline had the Creme Brulee:

Mike, Mikey, and I had the Cheesecake:

And Katie tried the Irish Warm Guinness Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream (she loved it!):

Now, it was much later than we were used to eating- but Mike still had a whisky tasting later tonight and Mikey had a few more characters he wanted to meet (he was having them sign a DCL Baseball Cap as his momento). The girls both headed back to the stateroom and put a movie on before falling asleep.

We could sleep in a tad more tomorrow as our excursion to Pisa was meeting later than we have the last two days.


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