A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 7- The Vibe, The Edge, and a Movie Premiere

Mikey and I decided to check out some of the spaces for the older kids during open houses tonight before we were headed to the onboard premiere of AntMan and The Wasp.

Mikey was super excited to see Vibe- it had just been re-imagined and it’s really the only kids’ space he doesn’t have access to as an 11 year old. He did enough research to know not only did they have Nintendo Switch there – but retro video games- which is super important if you are an 11 year old boy apparently.

Vibe is the space were teenagers from 14-17 can get away from their parents, crowds, etc and hang out with kids their own age. There is plenty of activities planned as well as a ton to do it you just want to hang out inside the space- including a smoothie bar. Mikey LOVED this space- it is far bigger than the tween space (show you that in a bit) and it felt super homey and relaxed as well.

Edge is where kids 11-14 can hang out as well- Mikey felt is was much smaller and too dark- but they still had some fun activities and he always felt welcome there. Edge s right off the Goofy pool area- so easy to pop in to meet friends and check out what is going on.

We then headed to Fathoms to meet Mike and the girls to see tonight’s ventriloquist, John Kimmons. So, so funny and so glad we went!

Then we went up to our rooms to change into something a bit more comfy and the movie premiere was very late and we were going to be out until at least 1 am. The girls decided they were exhausted and fell asleep to a movie on demand in their stateroom while I headed out with the boys.

Now we kinda felt under dressed as we saw the red carpet- but there were far more people arriving in their PJs who even brought their pillows, so… we were OK.  As the start time approached, “entertainment reporters” lined the red carpet asking theater goers what they were most looking forward to- a nice touch and we got a few chuckles out of it.

We all loved the movie- it was a great mix of funny and action- just my speed. I have to tell you- the theater was PACKED and there was a ton of audience interaction with the movie as well. I am sure I wasn’t the only one happy to be waking up to a sea day…

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