A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 7- Villefranche

At around 1 o’clock we decided to head ashore to Villefranche to explore. This is a tender port, just taking a few minutes to get from ship to shore- and it was a gorgeous ride!

We decided to walk around a bit, having just ate we really weren’t hungry. Every place we went was clean and friendly- but by far, the most expensive port we had visited as far as souvenirs. We enjoyed walking around the streets though- it was truly like walking in a storybook.

After a bit, we decided to stop and try some french delicacies at Le Cosmo, you will find this right as you enter the town from where the cruise ship tenders dock.

We ordered a Pina Colada, 3 French au Champagne cocktails, 2 orders of creme brulee, and some chocolate ice cream for Mikey.

Everything was delicious and we decided to browse through a few stores before heading back to the ship…

The clouds were starting to darken the skies and decided to make our way back. Greeted by iced flavored water is always a nice welcome.

Our tender-

It was truly a relaxing day, glad we had spent it this way- enjoying our ship in the morning and a beautiful port town for a few hours in the afternoon. Once we made it back into our stateroom- the skies opened up and it poured! We absolutely had magical timing! We took a bit of a break inside our rooms as we watched the storm before heading to dinner inside Animator’s Palate.

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