A Magical Mediterranean Cruise, Day 9- Debarkation and Final Thoughts

Waking up on the last morning on any vacation is hard- but this one was especially difficult for me. I was trying to savor every moment… so I stepped on to the balcony and gazed upon the sun rising over Barcelona one last time.


Our incredibly spacious balcony was my refuse every morning and evening, and during sea days. It was just a perfect refuge.

Once everyone was awake, showered and reluctantly ready to start our long trip home we headed back to Rapunzel’s for our last meal with Ralex and Melissa.

Once our goodbyes were said, we headed to the atrium one last time, on this sailing, to head home. It’s just so gorgeous with such amazing detail…

Picking up our bags was as if we were back in Port Canaveral- our bags would be found in the Green Tinkerbell group.

We opted to take Disney transportation back to the airport- which was a nicely appointed coach bus.

No matter how nice, Mikey and I still weren’t happy.

After a few hours waiting in the airport for our flight we boarded and were offered snacks pretty quickly.

Lunch was also offered a few hours later.

Before we knew it, we were back in New York. Time absolutely flies when you are having fun and making memories.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this trip was. We captured a moment in time that was perfect for our family, just when we needed it. Before all of the kids left for college and they still wanted to spend time with us and Mike and I wanted to spend time with them. Everything seemed to be perfection from all of our accommodations, meals, excursions- there is NOTHING we would change. Everyone came home saying this was the best family vacation we have ever taken, as bittersweet as it seems- the best we might ever take as the kids are growing older and the family dynamic will be changing as they move out on their own and start their own families sooner than I am ready to admit. To take a bucket list trip like this, right now, was an absolute dream come true and I will truly be forever grateful. I cannot recommend anyone who can take this trip with their families, please do- I promise you won’t regret it!

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