A Resort Hopping Holiday, A Trip Report: Day 2 of The Summit, A Festive Finish, Epcot Forever

Full disclosure, today wasn’t as early as it could have been. Summit attendees were given exclusive access to Galaxy’s Edge- from 6-7am. Since I had already experienced it all on Sunday and Monday with my family, I slept in a bit after having to deal with a bedding issue once we got back to our villa the night before.According to social media, a family staying in The Riviera Resort woke up to a loud bang after a Murphy bed became detached from the wall and fell on top a family member who was sleeping in it. When we returned to our room, after midnight, Mikey’s bed was blocked off from use until it could be inspected- so we had to call and wait for an air mattress for him to be delivered. We probably didn’t get to bed until close to 2 am.

Mike and the kids were headed home this afternoon as Katie needed to be back for her Christmas concert the next day. So, after early sleepy goodbyes, I headed directly to the Coronado Spring Convention Center by 8am for breakfast ahead of the days sessions… and again more food….

It was a very long day-ending with Susan Eagan beautifully serenading us. We quickly were able to head back to our rooms to drop off our business belongings and change ahead of a holiday themed closing event.

Once we arrived at the Riviera, Donald Duck was there to welcome us!

The party was held in Epcot- a hidden building between the Canadian and English pavilions. This usually blank canvas was truly transformed…

Just before 9pm, those of us brave enough to take on the cold- were escorted to a private viewing area to watch the new “Epcot Forever” performance. What a view we had!

After Epcot Forever, my colleagues and I decided to head back to The Riviera after a very long day, feeling blessed.

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