A Very MerryTime Vacation, A Family Trip Report- Gingerbread Houses and Meeting Santa Claus

Three night cruises are exhausting- there is just so much to do and less than 72 hours to get it all in, perfectly. This is REALLY hard when you are as type A as I am, lol.

I was able to sign us up for Gingerbread house building on our Nassau day at 1:30pm (luckily, the kids and I didn’t plan to leave the ship). It was held inside Animator’s Pallate with one of the chefs leading us. That said, the event started 10 minutes late and ended on time at 2pm. It felt a bit rushed and we didn’t have as much direction as I remember when we were able to do this on the Magic 7 years ago. The monitors around the restaurant  showed what step we were on, but… that isn’t always the best way to learn something so hands on. Long story short though, I was glad to have this time with the kids and we had fun. I don’t regret it at all, even if our houses fell apart the next day 😉

IMG_3558IMG_3559IMG_3560IMG_3561IMG_3557 IMG_3562 IMG_3567

After we built we took some time to admire the life sized Gingerbread House in the atrium. It’s outstanding!

IMG_3538 IMG_3540 IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3544

After we brought our houses back to our staterooms (you receive 1 house per stateroom and we had 2 staterooms for our family), we had some time to relax by the pool, finally! The kids took a turn or two on the AquaDuck while I relaxed in the sun watching Christmas cartoons on Funnelvision.


Tricia and I went to the Atrium about a half hour before Santa was to arrive (as the kids were changing into dry clothes). We waited on line, with warm and hot chocolate, cookies, and caroling!

IMG_3601 IMG_3603

Then… Santa!

We we approached, each child was able to sign the Naughty or Nice List:

IMG_3616 IMG_3619 IMG_3617

Then it was time to meet and greet Santa and pose for some pictures!

DDR_706_48129001_672016 DDR_706_48129014_672016

What a festive filled afternoon we had!

Next up? Pirate Night with dinner inside Royal Palace!

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