A WONDERful Holiday Cruise, Early Morning Walk About

I am weird, I will admit it. The last day of most of my Disney Destination stays (at sea or on land), I wake up early and walk around wherever I am staying. After the hustle and bustle of the stay, I love the stillness and peacefulness morning brings before a day of, what could be, travel chaos. Generally, I am greeted by some early morning runners and walkers and surprisingly jolly Cast Members readying the ship for its next set of passengers to board that day.

I was up way too early… the sun was barely up and the view had certainly changed!


I started in the mid ship elevator bank up to the pool deck…img_3911 img_3914 img_3915 img_3917 img_3919 img_3921 img_3923 img_3925 img_3929 img_3931 img_3932 img_3935 img_3937 img_3938 img_3939 img_3941 img_3942 img_3943 img_3944 img_3945 img_3947 img_3949 img_3950 img_3952 img_3954 img_3955 img_3957 img_3959 img_3961 img_3962 img_3963 img_3964 img_3965 img_3966It was getting chilly in Galveston, so I headed inside for a bit- I missed the gallery earlier in the cruise (I am an Art nerd too) and also found Shutters Portrait Studio too.

img_3972img_3973 img_3974 img_3976 DLounge was where I had learned how to make Lobster Ravioli earlier in the weekimg_3978 img_3980 img_3982img_3981img_3982I made my way back to the mid-ship elevator and took a last look at Triton’s. Pretty soon it will be the first seating for breakfast and Mike and I were expected back in Animator’s Palate!img_3984

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