A WONDERful Holiday Cruise, Embarkation Day

It was like Christmas morning for Mike and I when we woke up. It has been 10 years since we cruised on the Wonder for the first time with our daughters. Our first Disney Cruise was a 10 night Southern Caribbean Cruise in September 2006 on board the Wonder. In 2004 we sailed a different cruise line with our girls, and the cruise was not as magical as we had hoped – but those 10 nights on the Wonder were the most magical we had ever had. We decompressed and fell in love with each other all over again- all 4 of us. Little did we know that following June 1st our family would grow from 4 to 5!

We decided to order breakfast from room service as we were getting ready- a few calls down and it arrived far later than we expected. We were able to make our transfer to the ship and she was as beautiful as we had remembered…

img_3558 img_3559

Check in went fairly smoothly and we didn’t have to wait too long to board the ship.



The new, re-Imagined lobby is MASSIVE and magically decorated for the holidays. After we were announced in, I snapped a few quick pictures:


We met up with friends and decided to give Tritons a try for lunch.

img_3567 img_3568img_3569img_3571 img_3572img_3573

I must admit- I was either starving or my chicken Ceasar Salad and Leek and Potato soup was the best I have had in a very long time. Mike was also very pleased with his Beef Sirlion.img_3575



One of our friends ordered the kids’ cheeseburger- complete with Mickey ketchup!


As soon as we were done with lunch, we went to check out our stateroom- and it was gorgeous! A category 5B, deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah will be our home for the next 4 nights.

img_3587img_3580img_3579img_3583 img_3582img_3584 img_3585 img_3586 img_3589img_3588

We opted to skip the Sail Away Party after the Muster Drill, it is tradition with our kids and it didn’t feel right without them. We unpacked and enjoyed a drink on our balcony instead.

At 5pm, I was invited to a Welcome Reception that included light appetizers and drinks held in Azure (which is in the re-Imagined After Hours section of the ship). There we met with the 3 Disney District Sales Managers on board who reviewed our schedule with us over the next few days.


img_3594 img_3591 img_3592

After the reception, I met Mike and some friends by the Quiet Cove’s Signals- which just sparkles at night…


We decided to head back to After Hours and check out Crown and Fin, who also had light appetizers available for their guests…

img_3595 img_3596img_3610img_3606img_3607 img_3605 img_3611 img_3612img_3615 img_3617 img_3619

From here we strolled to dinner at the opening of Tiana’s Place, which is a new enhancement from the recent re-Imagination. The ship just glows at night as we took the long way to get a better glimpse of the lobby…



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