A WONDERful Holiday Cruise, See Ya Real Soon!

Mike and I headed to Animator’s Palate for our last breakfast after picking up our pictures from Shutters from our Palo dinner. So bittersweet…

The menu on the last morning is the same in all 3 main dining rooms. You return to the dining room you had dinner in the night before on your last morning.

photo-2photo-1 photo-3 photo-4

I have to say, Animator’s Palate is one of my most favorite spots on every Disney Cruise Line ship (again, self confessed Art Nerd). Earlier in the week, I stopped in to take it all in while it was empty:


Just one key tip- if you are ever looking for a discounted Disney Cruise- rebook on board! (See how I tied that in with “See Ya Real Soon”?) You get a reduced deposit and an onboard credit, just be sure to sail within two years to the day you place the deposit onboard. My suggestion is to visit the Rebooking Desk early during your cruise as to avoid waiting on a long line. You can fill out a request form and hand it in (without the wait) and it will be returned to your stateroom with your price quote. You can then return the same card back to the desk (without waiting) authorizing them to place the deposit. You will then receive an email once you arrive home with all of your cruise details. You can also book a placeholder sailing- which just ensures the discount on a future sailing with the on board booking bonuses. Just don’t forget to add that you would like to work with your favorite travel agent planning your cruise once you are home.


Now, back to the trip- we disembarked on Mickey Mouse’s birthday, November 18th (Mickey’s birthday is celebrated in honor of the release of his first theatrical film, Steamboat Willie). After breakfast we hurried to the spot in After Hours where commemorative pins were being handed out!photo-5

Disembarkation was swift and efficient, it always is. Before we knew it we were on the bus heading to the airport back to NY. Dreaming of the Disney Dream cruise we booked for the following November with our kids…

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