A WONDERful Holiday Cruise, Tiana’s Place

I have to say, I was most excited about dinner here. Our family LOVES Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. To be able to walk inside Tiana’s Place was the biggest guilt I had the entire cruise without our kids…

img_3623img_3625img_3627 img_3628 img_3629

Dinner was outstanding- and very different than the other dining rooms onboard…

  • Boudin Sausage Fritters – Minced Pork and Boudin Sausage, Breaded and Fried, served with a Bourbon Aioli:


  • Mama Odie’s Creamy Tomato Soup with chopped Cilantro:


  • Big Daddy’s Roasted Prime-Rib of Beef with a double Baked Potato, Broccolini, sweet Roasted Carrots and a Red Wine Veal Sauce:


  • Roasted Creole Half Chicken with Toasted Corn, Pecan Bread Pudding, Buttered Chard and Chicken Jus:


  • Honey-Roasted Butternut Squash with Celery and Bell Peppers simmered in Tomato Sauce with Greens and White Rice:


During dinner we were visited by Tiana:


and even Louis!


We were also entertained by a jazz band:

And a parade marched through too!

The dessert menu even twinkled- think of Ray from the movie…img_3653img_3656img_3657img_3658img_3654Every detail is well thought out…

img_3655The Beignets were OUTSTANDING!


I just LOVED the decor – on a walk one morning I took a peek inside when it was empty and bright to take a closer look…img_3789 img_3790 img_3791 img_3793 img_3794 img_3795 img_3796 img_3798 img_3799 img_3800 img_3801 img_3802 img_3803 img_3804 img_3805 img_3806img_3808 img_3807 img_3811 img_3812

I have to say, this is a fabulous addition and upgrade to the Wonder. It is not to be missed on your next cruise!

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