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You’ve seen the lists of what to pack for your next Disney Cruise.  In fact we even have a great one for first time cruisers as well as veteran cruisers. (

Still, we wanted to go beyond the basics and provide you with a few tips that you might not see on your normal “cruising tips” list.

• While you will find water and drinks abundant on the cruise, for those on shore expeditions, you will want to pack a water bottle.  You can fill your water bottle with free water, ice tea or lemonade before going ashore.  This will save you from constantly buying bottles of water for excursions.

• When packing, put a blank pillow case or a frame in a large Ziploc bag with some different colored sharpies.  Include a piece of paper with the kids names, ages, and your stateroom number.  You can even request certain character signatures (princesses, etc.) if your child(ren) have favorites (Remember no signature guarantees).  On the first night of the cruise, without the kids noticing, walk it down to the Guest Services Desk.  On your last night of the cruise, you will get it back signed by all the characters making your last evening on the ship even more magical.

• Everyone loves a snack at a show. After all, what is live show without a soda and some candy?  You will find the same true on your Disney Cruise.  While there is a concession stand by the theatre, you can be thrifty by visiting the self-serve beverage station on the pool deck first and bringing your drink with you.  At times you may also find free cookies at one of the counter-service locations or you can order cookies from room service, earlier in the day, and pay only for the tip.

• Disney allows you to bring your own alcoholic beverages with you.  They will also allow you to take a foldable/soft sided cooler (no wheeled or hard-sided coolers allowed). With your CARRY-ON luggage, to keep costs down, you can bring sealed bottles of alcohol.  You can get the free soft drinks and mix in your own alcohol. If you are looking forward to enjoying a few adult beverages during your cruise this is an economical way to go.

• If traveling with young ones, be sure to ask for a stroller early.  While they are free with a deposit, there are limited strollers available for guests to use in port.  In this case, the early bird gets the “stroller.” Or you may want to bring your own foldable, umbrella stroller.

• If both parents are not traveling on the cruise, be sure to get a signed note from the parent who is not traveling stating that the children have permission to travel out the of the country.

You can either book your Disney cruise online or by calling Disney Cruise Line.  However, travelers have reported that when doing this they spent hours and hours doing research and trying to navigate the process.  If you want to experience a no-hassle booking process, then you will want to use a travel agent that specializes in Disney and let them everything for you – FREE.  Castle Dreams Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planners and has been recognized by the Walt Disney Company for their expertise and experience in planning Disney vacations.  Plus, they offer clients generous shipboard credits for those booking through them.  For example one family enjoyed a shipboard credit of $175 when booking their 7-day cruise on the Disney Wonder.  Did someone say … Spa Day? Agents are waiting to tailor a cruise to meet your unique family needs. Visit to request your Disney Cruise quote.


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Disney Dream photos courtesy of Disney.

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