Adventuring to Disneyland in 2016: Day 2 , part 1

Before I go any further, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this particular tour is ever-evolving. Locations and activities change throughout the year based on availability and guest feedback. Our particular tour, was the last ABD during Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration- and we like to think we were “extra special” . 😉

Day 2 started with a breakfast buffet in the hotel. Nothing spectacular- pretty basic breakfast options with an omelette station.


IMG_1523 IMG_1522 IMG_1528

IMG_1525 IMG_1529

After breakfast we headed outside for our Hollywood walking tour. We started with a view of the famed Hollywood sign and the history behind it- which also made for a great photo op for families…

Tricia’s family:

2BM081416 - 29

My family:

2BM081416 - 34


Then we walked through the Dolby Theatre (where the Oscars are held) and another history lesson- to be quite honest, it is really hard to picture the red carpet we see on TV happening here. Lo and Michael did a fabulous job painting that picture for us, because as a typical tourist, I am not sure I would have been able to visualize it.


IMG_1539 IMG_1540

Then we moved on to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with another history lesson where Tricia’s daughter was picked to help out…





Next up was Grauman’s (now named the TCL) Chinese Theater and its famed handprints outside…

IMG_1553 IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1558 IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1571 IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1577 IMG_1578



We then took a tour of the inside of the theater and were even treated to a film explaining it’s priceless history complete with our own popcorn and drink.


IMG_1597 IMG_1599

IMG_1601 IMG_1603 IMG_1605

Then it was off to something our family was so excited to see…. Jim Henson Studios!


Jim Henson Studios were actually Charlie Chapman’s movie studios in his time, and Jim Henson Studio’s does pay homage to it’s history out front…


It makes a great photo-op!

2BM081416 - 109 2BM081416 - 116

Once inside the gates, I will admit to getting a bit giddy. I grew up watching The Muppet Show with my brothers and grandparents (to be honest, not sure where my parents were in the house) every week and the movies are so dear to my heart (I can still hear my dad singing “Rainbow Connection”, and he was a military man, he didn’t sing along much but he always did to that song). My parents actually had nick-named me Doozer,  because I was always moving and doing- after the cute little guys on Fraggle Rock. All of my kids have fallen in love with Sesame Street, The Muppets (their shows and their movies), and more recently- Bear in the Big Blue House, Sid the Science Kid, and Animal Jam.

We were broken up into groups, our group heading to see a filming of Jim Henson’s Splash and Bubbles (Coming in November to PBS Kids). That was super neat to see how they do it and the attention to detail they take while creating each spoken word by their characters. Outside the soundstage, we met Leslie Rudolf who is best known for her Abby Cadabby role on Sesame Street. Today she was working on her character for Splash and Bubbles- can’t wait to see it now!

IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1617

Next up was to visit the reception area of the studios, which is far more than just that!


IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626IMG_1618 IMG_1619IMG_1620IMG_1621IMG_1622

No big deal- just took a quick family picture with one of their Emmys…

2BM081416 - 192

After that we headed to a conference room for a pretty neat demonstration. Two of our three kids were chosen to try their hands at muppeteering!


The room was bursting with history as well…

IMG_1628 IMG_1629 IMG_1632

Doozers!!!!IMG_1634 IMG_1635


I have to admit, it was really hard to leave, even after a trip to their make shift gift shop set up just for us!

2BM081416 - 2772BM081416 - 280 2BM081416 - 274

Such an incredible morning, now it is time for lunch at Tam O’Shanter! Stay Tuned….

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