Adventuring to Disneyland in 2016: Day 4, part 2 – Disneyland Dream Suite

Disneyland’s Dream Suite was originally meant for Walt and his family to enjoy while visiting Disneyland. Tragically, Walt passed away before it was completed and his family didn’t have the heart to see the project finished. So, the space sat dormant for quite some time before it was repurposed to a gallery and office space. In 2008, the Disneyland Dream Suite opened- but the only way to stay in the priceless space is to win it…


We entered through a different entrance than we did when taking the Walking in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps Tour in November. We entered into a foyer/hallway…IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2066

Then outside to a patio where the Disney family crest is displayed on a beautiful fountain.IMG_2067 IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2071

We then entered the Master Bedroom hallway from the patio… leading straight into a room you could have only dream existed…


IMG_2103 IMG_2104


Lillian Disney’s (Walt’s wife’s) beloved butterflies adorn the top of the bedroom’s door as well.


4BM081416 - 351

It is a very calming room, and with a flick of a switch- you are kissed goodnight (but, you can only actually flick the switch 3 times in a 24 hour period)!


The lights dim and mermaids magically appear in the painting above the bed to very soothing music.IMG_2086 IMG_2087

The moon even appears at your bedside.

IMG_2094 IMG_2095

The adjoining bathroom for this bedroom is just as magical…


You can “star gaze” in a jacuzzi tub…

IMG_2109 IMG_2113

The water closet…

IMG_2118 IMG_2119

Separate standing shower…



and the dressing room…



Trying to get teenage girls away from a mirror is never easy…

4BM081416 - 355

From here we entered the most magical family room!


4BM081416 - 345IMG_2188

IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2129 IMG_2133

IMG_2201 IMG_2202

And with another flick of a switch, the room comes alive…




IMG_2139IMG_2143 IMG_2144

The second bedroom is a magical place for kids (or kids at heart) to spend a most magical night…

IMG_2151 IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2154 IMG_2155 IMG_2163 IMG_2178 IMG_2182

With another magical switch- the toys up high become alive… the trains moves above you and as it passes each toy reacts!



The bathroom for this bedroom, is not as magical as the master’s but still pretty incredible.

IMG_2156 IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2161 IMG_2162

One of the doors from this bedroom leads to a very spacious balcony…

IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2175 IMG_2176

With the most amazing view!


Ironically, neither Walt’s nor Roy’s families have ever stayed in this suite. When the families come (only grandchildren and great grandchildren now), they visit Walt’s apartment, but will stay overnight elsewhere- never inside the park.

Lo and Michael then gave us about an hour (and some food vouchers) to grab lunch and then meet back on Main Street USA… in front of the firehouse…

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