Adventuring to Disneyland in 2016: Day 5, part 2- Cars Land, Soarin’, Frozen, and a Suitcase…

In June 2012, Cars Land opened in Disneyland- Mike and I had always wanted to bring the kids, especially Mikey as he is such a huge fan of Cars. Here we are- walking in with all of our kids- about to go backstage to get a peak at how their signature attraction, Radiator Springs Racers, operates.

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Again, there aren’t any pictures permitted backstage- but I can assure you not only is everything spotless, but everything  appears state of the art.  We were able to see different cars in different stages of rehab plus how they are able to monitor each car on the track. After seeing everything- we were finally able to ride– with a Fast Pass of course!

After riding we were given some free time for lunch…

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After lunch we met over at Soarin’…


and more backstage magic! We met a Cast Member who works and loves this ride- he gave us the history and a run down of the new update of the attraction (it went from Soarin’ Over California to Soarin’ Around the World this summer) and then we were ready to ride!

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I really have no idea why this ride doesn’t bother me as much as Star Tours does- and when I mean bother, I mean upset my stomach. The prior version of Soarin’ did at some point- but this new one was fantastic! No need for me to close my eyes and wish for it to end. I am really not sure what was changed in that regard- but whatever it was, it is far more enjoyable for me.

After the ride we were taken UNDERNEATH Soarin’s domed screen. We were even treated to watching the entire attraction from below, which was super cool. After that, we sampled the 3 new smells again and were given the new flight plan for the attraction.

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After Soarin’, Lo and Michael gathered us together again to give us 5 more Fast Passes for any applicable attraction PLUS a Fast Pass for Frozen Live at the Hyperion…

and another for Radiator Springs! Seriously, there just aren’t enough hours in the day- but we were super grateful. After Radiator Springs Racers- the teens and a few parents headed for California Screamin’ while Mikey and I headed back to the Grand Californian and an ice cream Mickey bar. That said, as we made our way back- we heard some very familiar music…

When I visited Disneyland for the first time in May 2015, I came home with a CD set, “Disneyland- The Legacy Collection“. We have played these 3 CDs to the death- memorizing all of the lyrics- and a stand out for us was “A Suitcase and a Dream”. The girls had even watched videos of the newsies preforming it and memorized the choreography (Disney Greeks… breed Disney Geeks, lol). We hadn’t seen the street car carrying the newsies at any point during our trip- until now… Mikey and I were so giddy to see it live!

We all met back in our room for a bit of rest and relaxation before the farewell dinner inside Carthay Circle tonight.

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