Adventuring to Disneyland in 2016: Day 5, part 2- Farewell Dinner

Farewell dinners on any Adventures by Disney vacation are so bittersweet. By now, you are exhausted, but somehow aren’t ready for the adventure to end. Each of the 3 Farewell dinners I have attended with Adventures by Disney have been, beyond expectation, outstanding. The location, food… and with these new friends you have bonded with over the course of your vacation doing things that you hadn’t dreamed possible before. It’s truly hard to explain unless you have experienced it.

Before dinner, we met in the lobby and then were brought into a private room to share memories and formalities as far as what to expect the next morning for those of us checking out. Once all that was done- we headed over to the entrance to California Adventure inside the Grand Californian- which is so convenient!

Tonight’s dinner is held in a private room inside Carthay Circle. Pretty impressive, especially since we had toured earlier in the day.


Michael welcomed us all into this gorgeous room, set especially for us.IMG_2415 IMG_2416 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2420

The Carthay Signature fried Biscuits are incredible- and that doesn’t even do them justice!


These are rolled, fried balls of dough stuffed with white cheddar, bacon and a hint of Jalapeno. They are served with Apricot Honey Butter- which sounds odd together- but trust me- it isn’t.IMG_2423

Child’s Caesar Salad:


Adults Carthay Circle Escarole Salad with strawberries, tangerine, Jicama, and a citrus vinaigrette:IMG_2428

Child’s orecchiette pasta with butter with green beans and fruit:


Adult’s Thick cut pork chop with English peas, fingerling potatoes, spring radish, and plum coulis: IMG_2432

Adult’s Grilled New York “Barbacoa” with Spring succotash and a tangy herb chimichurri:


Adult’s Meyer Lemon “Cracked” Meringue Tart:

Dinner was outstanding- especially those fried biscuits. Our table happened to mention to Lo how much we loved them- seconds later- we had another fresh batch at our table!

After dinner we headed over to World of Color with our snazzy new ears! They change in accordance to the show!

5BM081416 - 157

5BM081416 - 156 5BM081416 - 159 5BM081416 - 167

After the show was over, we lingered a bit and took a few photos with 2 of the best Adventure Guides around-

IMG_2440 IMG_2441

Then everyone was off to spend their last few Fast Passes! The teens went in one direction and I headed back to change and drop off our ears. Once comfortable- Mike, Mikey, and I headed to Disneyland Park as California Adventure was closing for the night.

The three of us hit our favorites- Big Thunder Mountain, Hyper Space Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and It’s A Small World. Once we exited It’s A Small World,  Paint the Night was ending right in front of us (fun fact- this is an AWESOME spot to watch as the parade ends right here!). Then my phone went off- the girls were back in the room and they were wondering where WE were! So, we walked back up Main Street USA, out of the park and through Downtown Disney into the Grand Californian and back to our room- where we all stayed up too late again, talking about our day… again!


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