Adventuring to Disneyland in 2016: Day 6, part 1- Saying goodbye to our Guides

The last day of any vacation is incredibly bittersweet, and this morning was no exception. We woke up to our car service in New York mixing up when they were to pick us up- which is never a great way to wake up, trust me. Once that was settled, we got to breakfast (which was included) much later than we anticipated. On the bright side, we got to have breakfast with our incredible Adventure Guides, Lo and Michael, by ourselves.

Breakfast was back inside Storyteller’s Cafe, just downstairs in our resort. Mikey’s mission was to get a picture with Pluto, since we missed him when we were there the morning before somehow.IMG_2447 IMG_2449 IMG_2456 IMG_2460

It was actually really nice getting to chat with Lo and Michael about what was coming up for them next and even finding out what are their favorite things about this adventure and about being an adventure guide (which now all 3 of our children have decided is the “dream job” ). They were in no rush at all to leave and even ate a bit of breakfast with us- which was nice because they always seemed like they were on the move when we were with them during the week. Lo and Michael certainly made an imprint with our family- and with all of the families on our tour, I am sure. I can tell you- the teens and tweens have all kept in touch through social media and their parents are all now Facebook friends (We have even discussed where and when our next adventures will be!). Lo and Michael helped facilitate friendships as they educated and inspired us, introduced us to new experiences we would have never been able to unless we were on this tour. This particular tour evolves with guest feedback and input as well as that feedback from the guides- what works, what doesn’t, what is available and when, what guests are asking to see that isn’t included, etc. We were the last Southern California Adventure during Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration- which was special too, and they had well over a year to perfect it and it was amazing. It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to them as we were completely spoiled all week- 4 day park hopping tickets are included with this adventure, and we were now going to try and head into the parks without them or their 5 “Golden Fast Passes”- but they needed to get home to their families before their next chapter begins. But I would like to share…

Last night Lo and Michael passed around a booklet where we all could add comments to that would be handed back to Adventures by Disney so they could learn from our experience. Well, Mikey couldn’t wait to get his hands on this book…

IMG_2424 IMG_2426

I cannot recommend this trip more- and I just cannot imagine with without Lo and Michael guiding it. Their passion for the Disney brand and their wealth of knowledge is just incredible. Somehow- they were able to motivate nearly 40 adventurers to all be excited about the same things, at the same time while taking away something completely personal from the very same experience. I have no idea how they were able to do that- every single day of this trip. Sometimes it isn’t the location of where you travel, but the people you are with- and I firmly believe that this trip would not have been as magical as it was, at least for our family, if Lo and Michael weren’t our guides. We were a tough crowd of Disney fans- and they impressed and touched us all, individually and completely.

5BM081416 - 136

Now here we were , breakfast was over and we had to navigate the next 12 hours on our own in the parks…

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