And we’re on our way!

Greetings from JFK airport!  It has already been a long day and we have many hours of travel ahead of us.

It took Tricia 4 hours to go from central CT to Dawn’s home in Long Island, thanks to a *wonderful* snowstorm <wink>. Dawn’s husband loaded up the car and we were off!

We arrived at JFK around 7PM and checked in at the LAN Airline counter. We requested exit row seats and were happy to hear we are next to each other in row 19.

We had a nice dinner at the Palm Bar & Grill “The official restaurant of JFK airport” according to our waiter who was a joy. Dawn had a burger and fries, while Tricia chose the broiled crab cake and fries. Both were delicious.

We are still in shock and amazed that we were two of twenty agents hand selected to experience this adventure. We’re giddy and excited and everything in between.

Next time you hear from us, we’ll be in Peru!

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