Are Travel Agents “old news”?

As a travel agent with 10+ years experience- I am a bit biased. However, I did use one before I became one….

Years ago, before the internet took off- travel agents were a vital source of information for any and all destinations- and really, nothing has changed.

Years ago, I would use an agent or agency that specialized in a type of travel that I was interested in, if I could find one (and I usually did). Generally, we didn’t have any bad experiences- it is only since I became an agent did I think, well geez- I wouldn’t have suggested that- but I have never regretted taking a vacation that I booked through an agent. There are always silver linings and lessons to be learned.

Using a travel agent, you will save time, money, and you will truly learn more about the type of vacation you want to take (or thought you wanted to take) . You are a better traveler using an agent and are fully prepared for your trip- especially a trip as emotionally invested as a Disney vacation with your family. Most agents do not charge fees and have a wealth of knowledge they share with their clients that you won’t have access to booking on your own. Agents help you choose your resort, excursions, dining reservations, etc. and some might have had personal experience visiting your destination so can answer an array of questions or concerns you might have.

Take a Walt Disney World vacation, for example. Disney By The Numbers reports there are 22,449 total rooms (Does not include campsites) and 6,578 total rooms on Disney property not operated by the Walt Disney Company as 2004 .  Something to keep in mind is that each room average 2-3 people- that is A LOT of people on Walt Disney World property at any given time- not just the “high season”. Plus, factor in off site options… How can you choose which resort, then resort room, would work best for your vacation? What about dining? Again, Disney by The Numbers reports there are 300 places to dine across Walt Disney World Resort. And that’s not counting the portable food carts. In all, more than 6,000 different food items are available! Utilizing a travel agent who specializes in Disney travel, you will get an idea on what places will work best for your family during your trip- all for free.

When we went on our first trip to Walt Disney World nearly 14 years ago with our  1 year old daughter, Mike and I turned to a travel agency who specialized in Disney travel. Everything went really smoothly. We decided on a few nights in Disney’s Vero Beach Resort followed by 3 nights in the Polynesian Resort. Well, we missed our flight to Florida. Our agent was able to contact both resorts, adjust our dining plans and car rental so everything went smoothly when we landed the next day. To our surprise, when we arrived to the Polynesian- we were upgraded to their Concierge Level! Our agent made a very stressful situation- far more manageable and enjoyable.

So, no, travel agents were not replaced by the internet! We are a vital resource for your vacation- no matter how big or small, the destination, etc. Of course, I would love for you to book your next vacation with Castle Dreams Travel , but to be honest- I just want you to book with any travel agent. There are thousands out there who are ready and willing to share their knowledge with you.



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