Aulani Construction FAQ’s

We have gotten several questions and interest in the new expansion and construction at Disney’s Aulani, and we wanted to answer as many as we could here:

What is the timeframe for the enhancements planned in fall 2012 at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa?

Enhancements in Guest-facing areas are scheduled from September 10, 2012 through the middle of 2013.  Some decorative beam work may be visible in non-Guest areas prior to this time period.

What enhancements are planned in Waikolohe Valley?

Waikolohe Valley will be expanded and will offer more water features and dining options. During the pool area expansion, much of Waikolohe Valley will remain open—including Waikolohe Pool, the lazy river, slides, whirlpool spas, Rainbow Reef and Menehune Bridge. However, Makai Preserve will close permanently this fall, and Wailana Pool (the quiet pool) and Wailana Bar will close for an extended period.

What enhancements are planned for Starlit Hui?

To accommodate more Guests, Starlit Hui will move to a larger venue. Be aware that Starlit Hui will close for approximately one month as it transitions to its new location.

Upon reopening, Guests can look forward to this popular evening celebration that blends traditional Hawaiian and modern entertainment.

Will additional rooms and villas be added to Aulani?

Aulani will soon offer more accommodations for Guests. Upon completion in mid-2013, Aulani will feature additional rooms and villas in 2 towers.

What enhancements are planned at Makahiki – The Bounty of the Islands?

Due to the popularity of Makahiki, an overhead trellis with retractable awnings will be added to the outdoor dining area to provide daily shade and to accommodate additional Guests in inclement weather.

Will Makahiki be closed during this enhancement period?

No. While enhancements take place, Makahiki operations will continue with interior seating only. As a result, the Disney Character Breakfast—Aunty’s Breakfast Celebration at the Makahiki—will be extended to 6 days a week! This experience will be available Tuesday through Sunday, and Resort Guests will enjoy priority for advance reservations.

What is the decorative beam work?

Finishing touches are being put on the Resort, and work on the decorative beam joints on the exterior of the buildings will soon be completed. While this work is in progress, Guests may notice some scaffolding and covered walkways at Aulani.

Will the work be noisy?

Guests may hear and/or see the work taking place during your visit. As we have priviosly reported, guests who have traveled have reported, all of the loud type noises are not being done during the first part of the day.  Between 6AM-12:00 PM, the crew is keeping the noise to a very low level.  Noise is heard between 12PM and 5PM.  They are trying to stick to this pretty closely because of younger families, and not to interrupt their mornings.  The crew finishes their day at 5:00 PM.

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