Back in the Planning Saddle! Next Up? Another Royal Caribbean Cruise…

So many trips on the horizon these next few months… first up? a weeklong cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. Castle Dreams Travel is hosting a group departing from Bayonne, New Jersey for Spring break this year. We are making stops in Port Canaveral, Nassau, and our favorite- Perfect Day at CoCo Cay.

Yup, you read that right- our favorite! We first visited in August 2021, and we set the bar pretty high as we heard how amazing Royal Caribbean’s private island was. We had two days to plan there and our first day the kids and Mike went zip lining, and we spent most of the day at Harbor Beach and enjoyed lunch at the Chill Grill and even checked out the Oasis Pool. We ended our day swinging on the swings and listening to music at Captain Jack’s. The beaches, food, drinks, and entertainment far exceeded our expectations- and this was only our first day there. We basically had the beach to ourselves, the food was delicious and so much more variety than what we expected, and Captain Jack’s was such a fun way to end the day. We truly didn’t want to leave!

Some of our day:

We were SO EXCITED on our second day at CoCo Cay- we were off the ship by 8:30am (for reference, on our first day, we were off just before 10am). Mike and I had surprised the kids with an over the water cabana for the day… which turned out to be, as our kids exclaimed, “The best day on a family vacation ever!” Now, we have taken dozens of cruises, visited Europe, theme parks… but this day was the most memorable for all 3 of them. Our cabana attendant SPOILED all of us- we wanted for NOTHING. Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, steak, lobster… cookies! We had another picture-perfect day enjoying the water, amazing food and drinks, and each other.

Our Cabana:

We sailed again this past January and rented another floating cabana, and it was again- amazing. This Spring Break, it is only four of the five of us sailing- so we booked admission into the CoCo Beach Club- but are skipping the cabana. Truth be told, they were sold out before we booked the cruise. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves- the CoCo Beach Club has an amazing restaurant, pool, loungers and the same amazing staff. Not going to lie- we are really looking forward to it yet again!

Have you visited Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CoCo Cay? What is your favorite way to spend the day there?

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