Can Adults really have FUN on a Disney vacation? Part Four

Saturday morning started  early with breakfast inside Cabanas for my suite mates and I…cab1 cab2cab4 cab5

Something that can be very liberating traveling without your family- you can decide 10 minutes before you want to do something and actually DO IT. We woke up, we were all hungry, freshened up, and went to breakfast. No waiting for someone to wake up, take to long getting ready, no decisions to be made where to eat and what, etc. We are all moms and have the getting washed up routine down to a few minutes. Once we were at the buffet, we were pretty quick with our choices, and ate without having to cut up anyone’s food or help someone else with their plate.

We all attended the spa open house the day before and bought Rainforest Room passes and decided we wanted to use them this morning. The Rainforest Room, which includes a Hammam (steam bath), a Caldarium (steam room) and Laconium (dry sauna). We also had access to outdoor hot tubs and heated loungers

spa1 Spa2spa3 spa4 spa5 spa6 spa7 spa8 spa9


spa16 spa11 spa12spa13 spa14 spa15spa17Traditionally, a day pass costs less than $20. We added a scrub which still put us less than $30. With this pass we were able to come and go from the Rainforest all day, as many times as we’d like. We started our day in the hot tubs out on the spa’s balcony. Then we moved inside. With the scrub, we applied it to ourselves (bathing suits required) an essentially baste in the Hammam (steam bath) as long as we could handle it. There were a variety of scents of scrubs to choose from- I chose lavender, Tricia chose chocolate, and Sandy and Cathy chose orange vanilla.  After you have had enough of the steam bath you can choose a shower to wash off the scrub (different shower heads with water pressure strengths, bathing suits required). after we were all washed off we headed into the Laconium (dry sauna, bathing suits required) and then we lounged for a bit in the heated loungers before heading back to our staterooms to start our day.

This was the most perfect hour to spend on a girls’ cruise! We laughed until we cried and laughed some more. But we relaxed too… which was why we took the cruise in the first place.

If you get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend this. They sell a number of different packages with the Rainforest, including length of stay passes. Just like a Magic Your Way theme park ticket, the more days you have the less you pay per day.

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