Can Adults really have FUN on a Disney vacation? Part Nine

Disembarkation Day. Never a fun day.Sleeping wasn’t easy. When Cathy and I got back to our room, Sandy and Tricia were still up watching the news trying to distract themselves from the rough seas. Sandy even grabbed a life jacket to sleep with- half trying to lighten the mood. We missed our families terribly, but weren’t ready for our getaway to end. Which is always a good thing because then it gives you an excuse to start planning your next getaway.

Before going to bed we were happily surprised when each of us were given a parting gift from the Disney Dream concierge staff…  a great Don “Ducky” Williams print, “A Cruise Fit for a Princess” commemorating our Girls’ weekend Cruise!

1We woke up, washed up, and headed to Cabanas for our last breakfast. We could have gone to Royal Palace for breakfast, or even the concierge lounge for a continental breakfast (Concierge guests can also order breakfast from room service on the last morning)- but we loved Cabanas. Hot breakfast buffets are always a good thing, and this way we could eat what we wanted without being scheduled.

681 2 3 457After breakfast, we strolled around on the decks a bit. The ship is so peaceful early on Disembarkation Day…2 3It was then when we realized we really didn’t spend much time on the pool deck and we really didn’t miss it without our families. Whenever we had cruised with our family, this is the deck we spend the bulk of our time on- and this weekend we weren’t on it at all except to walk from one point to another.

Next, we headed for the concierge lounge for express checkout. Your concierge staff gives you a designated time when we all meet and the staff brings you right down to the lobby and you are escorted right off the ship to customs (we all carried our bags off the ship, so there was no need to retrieve them at this point).

As we passed through customs we headed out of the terminal some of us chose to take the elevator down… others the escalator.  I was with the elevator group 😉 Now, as our eyes started to well, as we realized reality was near… we hear a loud thud coming from the escalator. We drop our bags in shock and ready to help-  next we hear one of our friends yell out, “I’m OK! I’m OK!” Then… laughter erupts.  We all headed outside for our transfers or rental cars and went our separate ways, now anxious to get home to our families.

1The next few hours were pretty uneventful for me. Headed to the airport, Delta terminal headed back to NY. I grabbed a snack and bought a few magazines to help pass the time. Before I knew it, I was landing in NY.

Back at home all was well. My family had decorated the house for my return and my 41st birthday- oh yeah- that was on Disembarkation Day too.

1It was then how lucky I realized I truly was. I had some great new, amazing friends and was able to reinforce some friendships over this past weekend as well. I had a family who truly loved and appreciated me enough to let me go and enjoy myself- live in the moment- something that I can’t always do when I am at home because I am too busy doing and taking care of them or planning what was going to happen next. I was able to relax knowing my family at home was well taken care of and all I had to do was worry about me. I realized too how much I truly loved and appreciated my family because I did truly miss them- it was no accident I didn’t spend time on the pool deck, didn’t see any of the amazing Broadway style shows on board, didn’t snorkel on Castaway Cay, didn’t go to the Sail Away or Pirate Parties… this was a very different Disney Cruise Line vacation than I have ever taken before (I have now taken 7 Disney Cruise Line vacations). We have another family cruise reserved for this coming August on the Disney Fantasy and I anticipate that cruise to be very different as well. There will be 4 Bahama Mama (what we called ourselves during the cruise) families cruising on that sailing!

So can adults really have fun on a Disney vacation? I hope I have proven my point quite clear throughout these blog posts- of course they can! I am not sure you can even try to avoid it and you don’t need to be staying in a suite, rent a cabana, or eat in Palo to have fun. Just be yourself and surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you- and you can have fun, no doubt. Disney truly helps and accentuate that fun by providing their unique outlets and experiences in which to do so cleanly and safely for every age and gender. Nobody can do what Disney does- and there is no way to describe exactly what “that” is, other than to say… it is the Disney Difference.

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