Can Adults really have FUN on a Disney vacation? Part Three

After sail away a few of us decided to check in on another member of our group who had upgraded her suite and now had her husband in tow. So, with the upgrade to her room and her husband, we weren’t expecting to see her much- but we did want to check out the Roy Disney Suite!

WDW-DCL115 134 WDW-DCL115 135 WDW-DCL115 137 WDW-DCL115 138 WDW-DCL115 139 WDW-DCL115 140 WDW-DCL115 141 WDW-DCL115 142 WDW-DCL115 143 WDW-DCL115 144 WDW-DCL115 145 WDW-DCL115 146 WDW-DCL115 147 WDW-DCL115 148 WDW-DCL115 149 WDW-DCL115 150Roy Hot tubAmazing suite… so much square footage!

Anywhoo, by now it was time to get ready for dinner and meet the rest of our crew who would all be meeting in Animator’s Palette for dinner at 5:45pm (Main Dining).

WDW-DCL115 157 WDW-DCL115 158GC25 WDW-DCL115 159WDW-DCL115 163 WDW-DCL115 164WDW-DCL115 166 WDW-DCL115 167WDW-DCL115 176 WDW-DCL115 177 WDW-DCL115 178After dinner we met in the Concierge Lounge to exchange Secret Sister gifts and enjoy some Egees from  AZ…

WDW-DCL115 180WDW-DCL115 188 WDW-DCL115 189 WDW-DCL115 190WDW-DCL115 181 WDW-DCL115 182 WDW-DCL115 183 WDW-DCL115 184 WDW-DCL115 185WDW-DCL115 194WDW-DCL115 196 WDW-DCL115 197WDW-DCL115 199 WDW-DCL115 200And then we moved on to champagne. One of the husbands from the group sent us some to toast with (and his wife wasn’t even able to make it on the trip!) & enjoy- and we sure did!

GC11GC14GC13After we were done toasting and gifting we all parted for a bit of shopping, changing, etc. Sandy headed to the shops while Tricia headed back to our suite because she wasn’t feeling right and wanted to lie down (The first night can be tricky if you are sensitive to motion). Cathy and I hung out a bit and sipped the last of our champagne and took yet another selfie!

GC15We went back to our room to check on Tricia and Sandy arrived back from shopping. The three of us decided to check out The District, adults only area of the ship.

We strolled through most of the bar areas and settled in to Skyline. Skyline on the Disney Dream is an adults-only cocktail bar that features simulations of the world’s most stunning skylines and a digital fireplace. It is also one of my favorite spots on board. 😉

GC22 GC23GC24We bellied up to the bar, order ourselves a drink, and took a few more selfies!

GC16 GC17

Paige and her sister, Jan, found us there too…GC18and now we had a party as most of the rest of our group joined us there as well.

At 10:30pm, The District put out appetizers for everyone to enjoy- and we all indulged again (can’t pass up food on a cruise, right?). We decided to settle into the ship’s sports bar, 687.


GC19 GC20

We all chatted & cheered again but before long it was after 11pm. Our suite had a busy day to rest up for- we had planned on going to the spa and then heading over to Sandals during our stop in Nassau. The 3 of us headed back “home” and let the waves lull us to sleep….


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