Can Adults really have FUN on a Disneyland vacation?

Can adults really have FUN on a Disney vacation? This is a question a ton of Travel Agents who specialize in Disney Destinations are asked almost daily. This is a question my business partner, Tricia, and I were on a quest to prove was true back in January with a quick Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line vacation. Next weekend, we are going to put Disneyland to the test!

Tricia and I are heading to Disneyland to attend the Disney’s EarMarked Conference, which is being held this year in Disneyland to help agents get acquainted with all of the Diamond Celebration offerings Disneyland has for our guests. We are arriving a few days prior to help get over our jet-lag, and get to know the parks a bit more. We are also meeting 2 other Castle Dreams Travel agents in Disneyland (Gina and Paige) as well and two friends, Juanita and Holly, for the weekend to help test this hypothesis.

We are staying in The Disneyland Hotel and we only have concrete plans to have breakfast on Sunday morning in Steakhouse 55 in our hotel over the weekend. Our conference starts on Monday, so this will have to be a quick experiment!

Disneyland's 60th 713Disneyland's 60th 714

I arrive on Saturday, landing around noon. By then Holly, Juanita, and Paige are likely to be in the parks already. I am going to check in and probably need to eat. I am planing on texting them and possibly meeting them for lunch or head to Tangaroa Terrace for a burger, like I did after I checked in when I was there in May.


Tricia and Gina land around 1:45pm on Saturday and after we get settled at the hotel I am sure we will hit the parks! Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Park have quite a few quick and casual places to eat that are so over the top themed, we are all excited to try them all out. Later in the week, during the conference, we have dinner plans at Blue Bayou and Wine Country Trattoria plus a few special dining events too.

So stay tuned! Do you think adults can really have fun on a vacation to Disneyland?

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