Cast Member Preview Day at Magic Kingdom

We are so excited a very special Castle Dreams Travel Planner was invited along today for the Cast Member Preview of Magic Kingdom!

As soon as you arrive to the Transportation and Ticket Center, tents are set up for temperature checks before entering- anyone above 100.4 is denied entry to the Disney theme parks.
Bag check is a rack of plastic bags for electronics or any metal. And you walk through metal detector with your bag/backpack.

We walked right on to a monorail, no trams. Monorail has added dividers between the benches as seen here.

Are you castle dreaming? Cinderella Castle is just beautiful today- fully repainted to glisten in the beautiful Florida sky !

First family on Buzzlightyear’s Space Ranger Spin this morning!!! How do you think we did? What will be your first attraction when you return to the parks?

Every other table in all the quick service areas have these stickers to aide in social distancing as well. Plenty of shaded seating to enjoy all of your favorite Disney theme park snacks!

Some Cast Members are wearing plastic face shields over their masks. All lines are marked with these signs to aide guests to comply as well.

Such a magical day! Spent most of it exploring Fantasyland- with plenty of social distancing.

Lunch inside Liberty Tree Tavern is still delicious, even if some of their safety protocols have changed.

Cast Members sanitizing one of our favorites .. and the freshly sprayed boats go empty, and get filled with guests on the next go-round so they have time to dry!

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is always a family favorite- even if the interactive queue is disabled for now.

Lots of stores and even some attractions are closed. No characters for meet and greets but they occasionally appear from afar like on the castle’s back balcony. Wildlife is alive and well. Saw lots of ducks and geckos.

Hand washing stations and Hand sanitizer is available everywhere!

Knock, Knock… Who’s there? … Safari. … Safari Who? … Safari, so good. You’ll be on the Jungle Cruise in just a few minutes (with penny of social distancing)!

Tiki Room fun and safety measures too!

There are three “comfort stations” set up inside Magic Kingdom, like this one in Tortuga Tavern. Here you are allowed to sit in the cool and remove your mask and relax.

Time for some shopping! Even the stores have social distancing reminders for guests!

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom theme parks officially open this weekend on July 11th. Epcot and Hollywood Studios open a little later on the 15th. If you have any questions or concerns, or are ready to book your next Walt Disney World vacation, please reach out to Castle Dreams Travel:

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