CDT sails on the Anthem- Day 2

We were really looking forward to an awesome sea day today!

We started the day with breakfast at Windjammer, it was very different then when we sailed on Adventure and Odyssey previously. It was more crowded and now the buffet was self-serve, which we expected. What we didn’t expect, was an announcement (after we sat to enjoy our breakfast) that seating was now full and those without a table should expect to take their plates back to their staterooms or outside the dining room. Pro tip- always head to the back of the dining room in Windjammer. More tables, less crowded (away from the buffet stations), and typically a more enjoyable experience overall. I did wait a bit for my omelet, but everything was delicious.

After breakfast we headed to trivia, failed miserably. The kids headed to the bumper cars and I headed to Deck 15 to enjoy the sun a bit- I met Tricia there (co-Owner of Castle Dreams Travel with me), and we enjoyed hours of catching up in the sun (and we came away with nasty sunburns to prove it!). We grabbed some ice cream and walked the deck- enjoying the beautiful blue water and securing iFly and North Star reservations for later in the week. Tricia and her daughter had pedicure appointments later in the afternoon, so my kids, Mike, & I had a late lunch in Sorrento’s and checked out the Silent Disco. We made it back to our staterooms to enjoy and absolutely beautiful sunset from our balconies.

Dinner tonight was in the Main Dining Room. I really enjoyed my calamari, beef tenderloin, and ice cream for dessert. Basic, but perfect!

After dinner we headed to The Royal Theater to see Frankie and the Dreamers- a fun Frankie Valli Tribute show with Ryan Malloy, (he was the original Frankie Valli in the West End’s Jersey Boys and for my fellow Gen X’ers, he is the lead singer in Frankie Goes To Hollywood). Our family really enjoyed this show- far more than we expected!

Tomorrow, we spend our first port day in Epcot to enjoy the International Flower & Garden Festival!

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