CDT sails on the Anthem- Day 4, Coco Beach Club at Perfect Day at CocoCay

OK, my favorite port stop on a Caribbean/Bahamian cruise has got to be Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CoCo Cay. I have been here now 5 times, and 3 times we have now spent the day at CoCo Beach Club. Today being one of those 3 times- we booked the day for the 4 of us to spend the beach enjoying the Club- which is different from our prior two visits as we rented an over the water cabana and really didn’t spend much time enjoying the Club’s amenities. We were spending the day with quite a few of our CDT Spring Break cruisers as well, which was a big reason why we didn’t book an over the water cabana. Besides the expense of an over the water cabana, the capacity limit it 8 guests, making it difficult to socialize with everyone. We then decided this splurge might be best to save when the 5 of us can cruise together (my oldest daughter was home, her school schedule conflicted with this cruise vacation).

I also want to mention, twice I visited the island without visiting the CoCo Beach Club and it was just perfectly fine, there is plenty to do included with your cruise on the island, plenty of chairs and umbrellas, lots of places to find a great lunch, drinks, and snacks. There are also a ton of other excursions including zip lining, snorkeling and they do have an amazing water park with the tallest water slide in the Bahamas. Every cruiser is different, and we have come to realize the CoCo Beach Club is truly our happy place…

We slept in a bit, knowing we were the only ship in port we knew the CoCo Beach Club would have plenty of room for us. We were also wiped out from the day before.

Once motivated, we did watch the ship dock once we arrived from our balcony- which is always amazing. We were on our way to the CoCo Beach Club just before 10am. We walked to the tram stop- which was different from our previous cruises where they met us closer to the ship (I am not sure if this was because of our later start or the higher ship capacity). After a short wait, we arrived at the club, greeted with smiles and cool wash cloths, by 10:15am.

In short, Coco Beach Club is an exclusive beach experience for Royal Caribbean guests seeking premium amenities with a casual, authentic Caribbean feel. You feel that as soon as you walk in. You are greeted by smiling faces, an infinity pool and a priceless view of the beach. You will find in-pool loungers and beach beds in addition to traditional loungers and umbrellas, each with an upgraded towel waiting for you. There is an amazing, included, restaurant as well that is exclusive to CoCo Beach Club guests.

After we were welcomed in, we found our friends who were already set up in beach beds and in the pool- so we headed to the beach to grab loungers and umbrellas. We quickly noted the loungers had flags to alert the staff you were in need of their assistance, which is wonderful.

We then headed to the pool, ordered a few CoCo Locos (available with and without alcohol), and enjoyed our family, friends, and the amazing view. Before we knew it, it was time for our 11:30am lunch reservation.

Now, this was a different experience than what we were used to from our cabana experience. In a cabana, our cabana attendant would just bring us everything, family style.

Here, our group (there was 7 of us) was served all of the appetizers, but we ordered our own main courses and desserts.

After lunch we really just enjoyed the day. We swam a bit in the pool, napped on the beach, and really enjoyed the perfect beach day relaxing. Staff was wonderfully attentive to everyone we were with, we wanted for noting- except more time to enjoy.

Most of our friends had the early dinner seating and were on their way back to the ship around 3:30/4pm. We prefer later dinner, and tonight we had a reservation at Jamie’s Italian (specialty dining) at 7:30pm, so we left closer to 5pm.

Quick tour of the CoCo Beach Club
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