CDT sails on the Anthem- Day 5, Nassau- a Day Onboard

Day 5, it was time to SLEEP IN! We were exhausted. We had zero plans in Nassau, and we truly had a lazy morning. We took advantage of our balconies and watched us pull into Nassau and then headed to Cafe TWO70 for a late breakfast, early lunch.

Pulling into Nassau

This was when my husband and daughter decided they wanted to get off and explore Nassau a bit and Mikey and I decided to stay on board for a few onboard activities. First, we went to Sports Plex and played some ping-pong before heading down to the pool deck & grabbing some loungers and try some Johnny Rockets. Mikey went to order a shake and some fries, as I settled into my lounger, ordered a drink, and waited for Mikey. It took a while for him to return with only a shake. He checked his receipt and he ordered fries but wasn’t charged and he didn’t really enjoy the shake (included with his drink package) but he was hungry and he was really craving cheese fries. So…. I went to Windjammer, filled a plate with fries, and poured cheese (assume it was meant for mac & cheese) all over them. *Chef’s Kiss*

After a bit we decided we needed a change of scenery. We went back to our stateroom, changed out of our bathing suits and headed to the Music Hall for Star Wars Trivia where we met Tricia’s husband as well. We thought we had a chance… but we failed miserably. Katie, my daughter, met us towards the end when Arnie had to leave to get ready for dinner. We decided to stay and shoot some pool and attend some of the Holy Thursday services onboard.

Holy Thursday Services

Dinner was back inside the Main Dining room after we thoroughly enjoyed a comedian in the Royal Theater.

Asian Style Pork Tacos
Garlic Tiger Shrimp- I have become OBSESSED with this dish since our January Odyssey of the Seas cruise
Tres Leches

After dinner, we played a few rounds of card games (pro tip, pack card games with you on your family vacations), & later enjoyed the piano player in the Schooner Bar and then a guitar player in Brass & Bock Pub.

We actually stayed up pretty late, well past midnight- enjoying the starlit view from our balconies before heading to bed.

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