Celebrity Edge Preview Cruise, Kids and Family Options On Board

During our Celebrity Edge Preview Cruise, I was so impressed I wanted to see what kind of options younger cruisers had since they pretty much had the adults more than taken care of.

Celebrity Cruises offer Camp at Sea during their sailings:

You can find Camp at Sea on Celebrity Edge on deck 3 and it is much smaller than what I have become used to kids areas being…

Each section is divided by age and is very highly staffed per younger cruiser to camp staff. There is also so much more programming for the kids which are education based vs entertainment based with a heavy STEM base.

Teen also have their own space a deck below as well.

During this Preview Cruise, we didn’t get to see it as the press was set up in the space. Teen activities were held next door where guests in Destination Gateway where guests would typically learn about their ports of call, reserve or adjust their shore excursions, etc.

Camp at Sea is free for guests to use until 10pm and after that is $6 an hour. It’s very important to know there is no way for the counselors to contact the parents unless you are in your stateroom.

In the restaurants, a kids menu available and is the same at all restaurants. Although they are very accommodating to additional kids requests if you have picky eaters as well.

In my humble opinion, the main pool was fantastic for kids. It has different depths with the deepest at 5 feet and they offer kids’ life vests by the pool.

Families will love the Mast Grill by the pool. Hotdogs, hamburgers, french fries, and soft serve ice cream are all offered and are your typical family favorites.

Inside Eden, during the afternoon families will find cookies, chips and wooden puzzle games. Ping Pong is also available on board on the outdoor decks.

Over by the Rooftop Garden Grill,  family friendly movies would play on the big screen  daily where families will also find large size games like Jenga and Connect 4.

I think it is very important to note that I could probably count on 1 hand how many kids we saw on board during our cruise and maybe a handful more teenagers. I am basing my opinion as a mother of an 11 year old and 2 teenagers.

Celebrity is absolutely now a great option for those adults or families – the biggest hurdle is that it doesn’t seem to accommodate families as well in the staterooms as the staterooms mostly accommodate 2 guests and the kids’ and teen spaces are very limited when compared to Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.


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