Celebrity Edge Preview Cruise, Main Dining Rooms

There are Four Main Dining rooms included with your Celebrity Edge vacation. You can dine in anyone you choose, even if you are assigned one specifically for your entire cruise vacation. They can all be pre-reserved before you board or you can make a reservation once on board or walk up to check availability as well. For the most part, they all service pretty much the same offerings but do offer exclusive dishes in each location.

We were assigned to dine inside Normandie, which is absolutely GORGEOUS.

During our cruise, we were given the option to also sample dishes from the other 3 main dining rooms as well.

Mike started with the Shrimp Cocktail-

and I with the Baked Brie.

We both really enjoyed the Beef Tenderloin en Coute

For dessert, the Opera Cake was OUTSTANDING!

On our second night…

I was able to order the Hot Melted Cheese Saganaki from Cyprus one of our table mates had the night before that was DELICIOUS! It was not offered on tonight’s menu in Normandie, but our server was able to bring me one and I absolutely enjoyed it!

I then ordered the Beef Tournedos- which were cooked perfectly…

and Mike had rack of lamb, which he loved as well.

For dessert, we had an amazing apple crisp ala mode-

On our second full day on board, we were given the opportunity to get a taste of each location on board- so mike and I took the tour and Normandie offered Chicken Pate with The Parisian cocktail which were both very good as well.

Our muster station happened to be Cyprus Restaurant-

As you know, I already LOVE their Hot Melted Cheese Saganaki appetizer but when we tried to get a sampling during our self guided tour of the restaurants, their table was always empty.

The Cosmopolitan Restaurant had a sampling of their BBQ Glaze Short Rib and Rose and Mary Cocktail available- which was outstanding as well.

On our Disembarkation Day, we chose to have breakfast in this elegant setting… far more relaxing than the buffet!

The nearby Tuscan Restaurant had a sampling of Slow Roasted Porchetta and their Fizzing Thyme cocktail available. Both were delicious!

Staying in the Aqua Class, guests has access to Blu- who were offering a Lump Crab Martini and their Botanical Bliss Cocktail (which was AMAZING!)


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