Celebrity Edge Preview Cruise, The Anticipation

I am so humbled and excited to be invited to preview the brand new, innovative Celebrity Edge at the end of the month!

Celebrity Edge looks absolutely incredible. There just isn’t a more blunt way to say it.

That’s an exterior deck that I am sure your eye went right towards when you looked at the picture. That’s Edge’s “Magic Carpet”- it actually moved up and down the exterior of the ship! At the very top of the ship, the Magic Carpet becomes an extraordinary venue high in the sky where the ship hosts mouthwatering experiences such as Dinner on the Edge. Down to Deck 14, the Magic Carpet becomes a stunning extension of the main pool area, while on Deck 5, it serves as an unforgettable, open-air dining experience. Then at the bottom on Deck 2, the Magic Carpet becomes an extension of modern luxury at The Destination Gateway allowing extra space for guests to board and disembark. This is a feature you will only find on Celebrity Edge- no other ship has anything like this!

The rooftop garden is also an area I am particularly excited to explore.

It’s not your typical outdoor deck that you’d find on any other cruise ship!

What has me extraordinarily excited is that I just received my stateroom assignment- I will be spending my cruise in stateroom 10270- with a veranda in the Aqua Class/Concierge Class of the ship!

Now, the verandas on this ship are described as having infinite views. Basically, the doors have been designed in a way, that when you open them, they can essentially integrate your balcony into your stateroom!

Here is the view with the veranda doors closed:

Here is a view from your veranda, into your room- see how the doors fold to the side there?

Now, in Aqua Class you have complimentary access to The Sea Thermal Suite, along with a dedicated Spa Concierge who’ll be happy to make reservations for you—or create a whole spa regimen for you to follow during your cruise. During your cruise, delight in a variety of spa-inspired stateroom touches, including: the Bossini shower panel, aromatherapy diffusers, pillow menus, daily deliveries of flavored tea and fresh fruit upon request, and the exclusive eXhale Bedding featuring the Cashmere mattress.

Aqua Class also has an exclusive restaurant on board, Blu. Blu is open for both breakfast and dinner, offering the freshest of ingredients for those who choose to dine there.

Edge has 29 restaurants, including 4 main dining rooms:

26 more days until I board- not that I am counting or anything!


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