Celebrity Edge Preview Cruise, The Spa

We were fortunate enough to be staying inside a stateroom inside Celebrity Edge’s Aqua Class. That meant we had unlimited, complimentary access to The Sea Thermal Suite located inside The Spa, along with a dedicated Spa Concierge who could make reservations for us—or create a whole spa regimen for us to follow during our cruise. We scheduled a couples massage on our first morning onboard and then visited the Sea Thermal Suite later that same day.

That said, the day before we toured the spa to get an idea of the exclusive services they offered and what to expect during our treatment.

We started with the more medical procedures inside the Ideal Image section. Here you can indulge in Dysport® Wrinkle Treatments, Restylane® Dermal Filler Treatments, CoolSculpting®,  Thermage® and Botox®.  We were also able to see where Cupping therapy is administered.

Moving deeper into the spa, we saw their Hot Mineral Body Boost Massage table and therapist who also offers Poultice-Powered Muscle Release therapy on this heated table.

Your Ocean Spa Wave Massage can be customized with a choice of color therapy that illuminates the water cushions.

Their Zero Gravity Wellness Massage is where high tech meets high touch in this next
generation wellness treatment. Producing a zero gravity effect, the body is suspended on
an advanced treatment table that allows for ergonomic work flows and a seamless series
of sophisticated techniques used in this choreographed massage. Eight table positions
enable effective and precise reach of every muscle group, including intensive work on your back and main muscles, targeted release of tension, and improved body mechanics.

Also inside the spa you will find a barbershop and full service hair and nail salon.

Within the spa you will also find their 24 hour Fitness Center- offering a number of machine as well as a variety of class and personal training.

Now- when you actually check into your spa treatment, the gorgeous reception area immediately relaxes you! You are greeted with a tablet to complete your welcome survey so your therapist knows what exactly your problem areas are and what you are interested in.

You are then directed to the locker room to change into robes and slippers…

then to the waiting area, overlooking the sea with extremely plush couches and a retail therapy space for you to check out as well.

Our room was quiet and and incredibly relaxing for our Restorative Salt Stone Massages. Himalayan salt resonates with the Earth’s frequency to improve mental alertness and overall wellbeing. Warm salt stones are bathed in personally selected aromatics to contour the body and diffuse negative energy, reduce stress, and alleviate muscle tension, completed by a re-energizing face and scalp massage. The treatment was OUTSTANDING and cannot recommend it enough.

The SEA Thermal Suite is an incredible place to relax before or after your treatments at The Spa. You can also purchase a day pass for $59 a day, but if you are staying inside the Aqua Class- your passes are included throughout your cruise. The SEA Thermal Suite features eight distinctive therapeutic experiences, all inspired by nature to create one incredible place to relax, and connect with fellow wellness enthusiasts before or after your treatments at The Spa.

The Float Zen Zone is where you are cocooned in a nested basket chair, swinging into a meditative sleep or gazing at the stunning views of the sea, keeping you connected to the water.

Inside the Desert Infrared Sauna you will find State-of-the-art technology heating the air to calm the body and relieve stress. The infrared lighting system offers many of the benefits of natural sunlight without the damaging effects.

The Crystalarium  promotes energy healing in a beautiful refuge of natural stone walls, featuring a healing Amethyst crystal.

The Inhale Salt Therapy room is where the elements of water, earth and air
are present in this halotherapy reserve where the power of natural salt breathes life into the body. I may or may not have actually closed my eyes and took a quick nap inside this room…

Rainfall Water Therapy room is where you can wash away tension in this simulated rain shower.

The Hammam Turkish Bath is a modern take on the traditional Turkish bath.
Smooth marble and exquisite tile mosaics frame this quiet retreat.

The Mist Aroma Steam room is where the elements of earth and air mingle in this oasis
of moist heat. The steam opens the airways while impurities are released from the body.

Our favorite in a space like this are the heated loungers. There are about a dozen loungers here all overlooking the sea.

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