COVID-19 Update: A Message From Castle Dreams Travel

We have very quickly found ourselves in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. These are rapidly changing, unpredictable, and difficult times–unprecedented in the modern age. The challenge to all of us is how we will rise to the challenge, remain committed to our goals, and stay supportive as a community. I recognize the very real impacts the coronavirus (COVID-19) are having on you and everyone, literally everywhere. There is not only a rising and intimidating risk of illness to each of us and our loved ones; there is a significant disruption to our lives and foreseeable plans.

I find myself in the position of asking much of you to be resilient, committed, strong and patient. Coronavirus has caused widespread vacation cancellations. This means phone lines and emails to suppliers, cruise lines, insurance companies, etc are crippled with the number of calls and emails coming in. They are triaging these calls and emails based on travel date. We promise that we are working as diligently as possible. Please bear with us during this time.

Guests embarking on a cruise in the near future are requested to take the following into account:

Cruise Lines are denying boarding to anyone from high-risk areas:
Anyone who has travelled to, from or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Iran, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Macau, or Italy in the past 14 days (this includes transit flights in the aforementioned geographies) will be denied access to the ship. The same rules apply to such guests’ travel companions (parent, spouse, child, siblings, or a companion who shares a cabin);
PLEASE NOTE: Travelers choosing to travel with their Italian passport but residing elsewhere must show official proof of residency. Residency must not be in one of the above countries. Travel history must also show that travelers did not come through one of those territories during the past 14 days;
For the Caribbean area only: Japan is considered a high risk area by local authorities. Therefore, anyone who has travelled to, from or through Japan in the past 14 days (this includes transit flights) will not be allowed on board.
Most cruise lines sailing from the US are further elevating their health measures, in line with the recommendation of the Cruise Line Association and the USA Government, therefore may deny boarding for:

All guests with severe chronic medical condition (heart disease, lung disease) as specified by the U.S. CDC
All guests 70 years of age or older at embarkation date or who turn 70 within the duration of the cruise, unless provided written verification from their qualified treating physician certifying no severe chronic medical conditions and otherwise fit for the cruise.

With so much misinformation, confusing travel restrictions and changing travel policies, we are certainly living in a very unpredictable time. But please know, you are not alone. We are here for you. Thank you for trusting us with your vacation. We are a small business and GREATLY value you. The travel industry is one of many that is affected with all these changes happening around the world — but we will get through this. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out. We are putting our decades of experience to work so you can put your trust in us. We are your advocates and will keep working to keep you informed so you can travel in confidence.

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