Day 2 in Peru

Buenos dias!

After our evening in Lima, we packed up for an adventurous day!  We flew to Cusco, Peru. Our flight was fine although we didn’t leave until an hour after our scheduled departure time. The altitude was definitely an adjustment and we both felt our hearts racing.

We next took a hour long bus ride high into the mountains with many twists and turns. We saw stairways that went high into the mountains. In Cusco, the wealthy live in the cities and the poor live in the mountains. We saw cattle, donkey and pig on our journey.

We arrived in Chinchero where we had a delicious family style lunch in the courtyard of the Center for Traditional Textiles, a Disney difference as they don’t normally allow people to eat there.  Our lunch consisted of chicken, alpaca (which we both tried – Tricia thought it was ok, Dawn didn’t enjoy it), a delicious salad, and mashed potatoes (heavenly!!!).  There was a sampling of different types of potato chips available as Peru grows over 600 varieties! We also had guacamole which was delicious and fresh. Dessert was a cheesecake with an elderberry topping. The elderberries were a big crunchy and had a molasses flavoring to it.

After the luncheon it immediately started to HAIL!  We watched an extensive weaving demonstration which was fantastically informative. These women have gone back to the way weaving was done centuries ago using primitive materials and traditions that were passed on for centuries but had been forgone for centuries. We all got a chance to wear some ponchos which kept us warm and dry. The detail involved in these weavings were amazing.

Our bus took us back down the mountains approximately 45 minutes. We stopped two different times for photo opportunities (Dawn took over 200 pictures, so be sure to check facebook for the highlights).

Our hotel for the next 4 nights is The Hotel Sol y Luna. This place is heaven on earth. This would be a great honeymoon destination as it’s extremely romantic and excluded. Each room is it’s own bungalow with vaulted ceiling with wood beam detail.

After an hour break, we met for dinner which was cooked in the ground (similar to a Hawaiian luau). While the food cooked, we experienced a traditional Andean Gods dance with a woman describing a story about the Flower of the Wind.  We were served buffet style a traditional feast of Alpaca, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, 3 types of potatoes, Roasted banana, Corn (not what we’re used to in the US but delicious), Beans (like an edamame), stuffed chili peppers, and tamales.  Dessert was chocolate cake, tiramisu and a fruit salad. Absolutely delicious!

We are exhausted and living a dream.  What a day!

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